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Division of Obstetrics & Gynecology
E-mail: ralikah@bgu.ac.il
The Division of Obstetrics and Gynecology encompasses four Departments of Obstetrics and two Departments of Gynecology with several in-patient wards, a day-care clinic and specialized units, including IVF, infertility, gynecology-oncology and ultrasound.
In addition, the Division manages outpatient clinics, emergency wards, operating theaters and a delivery ward. During 2012, the Departments performed 15,039 deliveries and more than 7600 surgical procedures.
In teaching, academic and research activities, members of the Division take an active part in the clinical education of med-school students starting from their first year, teaching both theoretical courses and participating in early clinical education in the form of a whole clinical week dealing with maternity and delivery. The Division welcomes fifth year students for clinical clerkships in our Departments.
Furthermore, the Division participates in various gynecology and obstetrics courses in the Recanati School of Community Health Professions, in the Medical Laboratory program, and is home to several clinical trials.
The Division also collaborates with researchers from the adjunct Ben-Gurion University Faculty of Health Sciences in a wide array of topics, from male infertility to Preeclampsia risk factors.