Division of Internal Medicine
​Head: Prof. Mahmoud Abu-Shakra, M.D.
Secretary:  Rita Salfoy ​​

The Division of Internal Medicine consists of six internal medicine wards with a total of 228 beds, an intermediate intensive care unit, the Institute of Oncology, the Departments of Hematology, Neurology, Dermatology, Nephrology and Geriastrics. The ambulatory departments include the Institute of Gastroenterology, the Institute of Infectious Diseases, the Rheumatology Unit, the Endocrinology Unit, the Pulmonology Unit and the Hypertension Unit. Over 170 physicians, specialists and residents are employed in the division.
The activities of the Division include:
·  Extensive in and out patient medical services 
·  Consultation to other division and community clinics 
·  Teaching activities: Joyce and Irving Goldman Medical School, the M.D. Program in International Medicine and Health, the Recanati School of Community Health Professions.
Resident activities include:
·  Internal Medicine Residency
·  Fellowship for internal medicine sub-specialities
·  Post graduate teaching program for internal medicine residents
Members of the Division of Internal Medicine are involved in many basic sciences and clinical research activities.