The Nano FAB Center consists of  three independent clean room subareas (Fab1, Fab2, Fab3) with class 100 to 10000 and two Nanolabs:

Electrical and optical characterization of devices NanoLab

Packaging NanoLab (wafer/chip bonding, wire bonding, die saw and more).


Advanced cutting-edge Nano-Fabrication equipment is used in all our labs and FABs, and enables us to offer a comprehensive service, from concept to product.

  • ✔ Thin film deposition
  • ✔ Etching
  • ✔ Lithography
  • ✔ Bonding
  • ✔ Baking
  • ✔ Dicing & polishing
  • ✔ Mask Fabrication and wafers cleaning
  • ✔ Devices analysis and characterization

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