​The Nano-Fabrication center at Ben-Gurion university is a facility serving academic, industrial, and governmental. The Nano-fabrication center is in operation since Feb. 2005 when Fab 1 (The Weiss Family Laboratory for Nanoscale Systems) was opened. The Founder and first director was professor Ron Folman.​
The Nano FAB center includes 3 fabrication areas with class 100 to 10000 and two Nanolab (device diagnostic & characterization, and nanolab for packaging).
The complex incorporates state-of-the-art R&D and prototype fabrication infrastructure for Nano/Microelectronics, BioMEMS, BioChip, Microfluidcs, Multielectrode array, Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics and Nano/Micro systems (MEMS).

We provide:

✔ Process design
✔ Process development
✔ Process integration
✔ Process characterization
✔ Full high resolution lithography service (with resolution of less than 10nm)
✔ Small volume production service (from concept to final product).
✔ Optical, thermal & electrical simulations and tolerance analysis.

All the facility staff have extensive experience from high-tech industry.
Among our customers are: ELOP, Elbit, Refael, Applied Materials, Sandisk, and more.