​​The Nano-Fabrication center at Ben-Gurion university serves academic, industrial, and governmental.
The complex incorporates state-of-the-art R&D and prototype fabrication infrastructure for ​​Nano/Microelectronics, BioMEMS, BioChip, Microfluidcs, Multielectrode array, Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics and Nano/Micro systems (MEMS).

We provide:

✔ Process design
✔ Process development
✔ Process integration
✔ Process characterization
✔ Full high resolution litho service (with resoution of less than 10nm)
✔ Small volume production service (from concept to final product).
✔ Optic, thermal & electrical simulations and tolerance analysis. 

Advantages and added value of working with the BGU Nano FAB:

✔ The accumulated knowledge Advantage: we have a know-how, gathered through years of experience and many successful projects of multidisciplinary fields. This know-how will become your benefit.
✔ The Flexibility Advantage: operational flexibility and variability in the development and fabrication process.
✔ The Time-to-Market Advantage: short cycle period from concept to production.
✔  The Interactivity Advantage: A collaborative and transparent working process that is realized at all stages.

We encourage researchers, R&D staff and fabrication or production teams from various fields to explore uses of our services. We have unique possibility of HAR etch of sapphire, glass, silicone and other substrates, make line/space and holes with diameter less than 10nm, nano-wires, to design and fabricate reflective and antireflective surface structures and coating, blazed grating and plasmonic structures, high quality optical micro disk/ring structures; precision nanolithography, etc.