Nov. 09, 2018

​​​​​​​Yael Shmaryahu-Yeshurun chosen by TheMarker one of the 40 most influential young researchers in Israel 2018

40/40: TheMarker's list of most promising young academics for 2018; Among the elected members are Yael Shmaryahu-Yeshurun of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management GGFBM, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), a doctoral student of Prof. Guy Ben-Porat, and Dr. Dina ​Van Dijk of the GGFBM Department of Health Systems Management
Taken/translated from news item by Efrat Neuman of TheMarker


Yael Shmaryahu-Yeshurun, 30, researcher in the GGFBM Department of Public Policy & Administration     Photo: Nir Kedar​

During the two years in which Yael Shmaryahu-Yashurun lived in Dimona, in the Ayaleim Student Villages, she realized that the voices she heard around her, including the criticism of the new residents by the veteran residents, were worthy of examination. Five years have passed since then, and today Shmaryahu-Yeshurun is a doctoral student in the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management at BGU, and continues to deal with this subject. She researches the policy of encouraging the migration of ideological communities (garinim) to peripheral cities and mixed cities in Israel, such as the effort to Judaize the Galilee and to strengthen Arab neighborhoods in Lod and Acre. In her research, she examines the implications of this policy on the relationship between veteran residents and newcomers, and on the entrapment of the older populations who on the one hand are interested in developing, economically, and on the other hand feel that the new groups are threatening their way of life. 

The research presents a new term: government ideological gentrification. Many countries in the world encourage strong populations to relocate in weakened areas, but in Israel this policy also has a national aspect. Shmaryahu-Yeshurun points out that the economic aspects of the phenomenon in Israel are not detached from the ethno-national ones, but rather reinforce them. 

Shmaryahu-Yeshurun is a graduate of the GGFBM Mandel MBA Program in Social Leadership, and this year was awa​rded the President's Scholarship for Doctoral Students. She was formerly a social worker and facilitator of rehabilitating prisoner treatment groups. Her dissertation turns a spotlight on a phenomenon of high public importance in that it gives voice to weakened populations that are not always heard, and draws conclusions that can influence deliberate policy. Furthermore, her study casts doubt on the usefulness of the government policy of encouraging settlement blocs and assertains potential for improving the long-term cities of the periphery by strengthening local leadership, social services and education, not necessarily the search for solutions outside. 

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