Research and Projects



What do people know about pensions? Perceptions and attitudes towards pensions among the Israeli public


Mandatory pension savings– An analysis of the results of the 2008 pension reform and its effect on inequality


Key factors associated with financial literacy and capability levels in Israel.


The effect of financial journalism on choosing a provident fund – an empirical data analysis.





About us

Drawing on the expertise of researchers across various disciplines at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, the Pensions, Insurance and Financial Literacy Center promotes research on retirement saving behaviors in an effort to assist policy makers, empower savers and facilitate consumers in managing their financial affairs.


The Professional Team

Our staff consists of experienced researchers who have long been engaged in the study of retirement, insurance, and financial literacy as well as graduate students with interests in these domains.



Tools for Saving

We know how difficult it is to manage your retirement savings and keep track of all your finances. But don’t despair! Here you can find simulators, calculators and links to other useful tools to help you manage your money and make better financial decisions.