GGFBM PhD Students & Graduates

FirstLastAdvisorAdvisorDissertation Topic
 Hisham AbdulhalimProf. Yotam LurieDr. Zvika Afik, Prof. Shlomo MarkEthics as a Quality Driver in Agile Based Management. Methodology, Tools and Methods

TaliApplboim-HazanProf. Yaniv PoriaProf. Aviad RazThe Journey to Poland as a Tool for Managing Human Resources in Public Organizations In View of the Managerial-Functionalistic and Neo-institutional Theories
Asraf​Dr. Hagai Katz​
​Incivility in organizations and its consequences - aggressors, victims, colleagues and their interactions
Prof. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Yotam LurieAccountability, Governance and Institutional Local Government Change: A Comparative Analysis of Statutory Procedures and Legislative Processes
Bialolenker Salvoldi
Prof. David Brock
​​The effects of internationalization on intangible resources: a multi-method, multi-level study of professional service
 ReutBlaywaisDr. Mosi RosenboimDr. Uriel HaranEconomic Punishment of Firms Due to Unethical Behavior
 OsnatBouskila-YamProf. Nurit ZaidmanListening in Team's Meetings Operating in The High Tech Industry and Its Effect on Knowledge Transfer
 AilaBrand LeviProf. Miki MalulProf. Michal Krumer NevoRecipients of Welfare Payments – Life Tracks and their Effects on Poverty
 TamiEmbarDr. Alon LisakDr. Dina Van-DijkLeadership Structure as Socially-Constructed in Interdisciplinary Management Teams
 NavehEskinaziProf. Miki MalulDr. Mosi RosenboimConstrual Level Theory Applications on Decision-Making Involving Derivatives Entities
 MayaFinger-KerenProf. Ilanit GaviousEnvironmental Risk Management and Financial Performance in the Banking Industry: Cross-Country Comparison
 LeeGazitProf. Nurit ZaidmanPsychological Contracts in a High Tech Multinational Corporation
 GalGutmanProf. Oded LowengartProf. Benjamin GidronThe Role of Values In Decision Making Processes that Involve Conflict Between Social and Business Goals
 HofitHamrani DafnaDr. Yaron Lahav Priming and Risk Aversion: Testing Behavioral Factors on Risk Preference
 ShaulHartalProf. Miki MalulDr. Ofir RubinInternal Migration During Young Adulthood and Regional Development: The Negev as a Case Study
 EitanHouriProf. Miki MalulPolicy and Labor Economics - the Role of the Job Security in Decision Making of the Employees Behavioral/Experimental Economics
 AviIsraelDr. Mosi RosenboimProf. Tal ShavitEnvironmental and Personality Effects on Risk Aversion and Time Preference
 EllaKaplanDr. Dina Van-DijkDr. Alon LisakFollowership's Co-Production Beliefs and The Performance: The Role of Collective Regulatory Focus and Team Voice as a Mediating Mechanisms
 RoiKatzProf. Haim Kedar-LevyThe Effect of The Implementation of Accounting Rules, Regulation and Corporate Governance on the Firms' Cost of Debt
 YosefKeren-AbrahamProf. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Yotam LurieTransparency, Surveillance and Control: An Institutional Analysis of Transparency Rules in Israel and their Transformation over Time
 ChenLavonProf. Rami YosefThe Effectiveness of Tax Benefits Awarded to Encourage Pension Saving in Israel
 TamarLazarovitchDr. Fany YuvalPerformanceStat Improvement in Local Authority
 ArieLevyDr. Hagai KatzProf. Rami YosefSocial Impact Bonds: Between Philanthropy and Investments
 ArikLiberzonProf. Haim Kedar-LevyStocks Migration Profiles: Explanatory Factors, Parametric Implications and Industrial Segmentation
 GilLitovDr. Fany YuvalSocial Responsibility in Municipalities (SRM)

MeravMalcmanProf. Ofer AzarDr. Mosi RosenboimField Experiments on Tipping in Restaurants and for Home Deliveries: The Effects of Gifts and Music
​Malinoff Nathan
Dr. Fany Yuval  
​Dr. Galia Fuchs​  
​Effectiveness of technological innovation in municipal services


ShenhavMalulProf. Rami YosefProf. Ilanit GaviousAn Empirical Investigation of the Effects of the Transition to an Actuarial Valuation of the Liability for Severance Pay in Companies
​ Liran
Dr. Yaron Lahav​
Dr. Zvika Afik
​Emotional state and traders' expectations in asset markets

NachlieliProf. Natan UrielyOrganizational Complexity in Professional Football Clubs
 EstiNaveProf. Yotam LurieDr. Hagai KatzSocial Leaders: Background and Values
 DanaNayerProf. Miki MalulDr. Mosi RosenboimWhat Do Crowdfunding Backers Want
NivProf. Rami Yosef, Dr. Ahron RosenfeldDr. Zvika AfikThe Role of Bonds Rating Agencies in Capital Markets

Prof. Oded Lowengart
Dr. Daniel Shapira
Volunteering Work, as a Time-Cost Perception, that Differentiates Along Consumers​​​

PerlProf. Yaniv PoriaAn Exploratory Research of the Tourist Experience Abroad Among the Israeli Jewish Religious: Motivations, Perceived Risk, Barriers, Difficulties, Ways of Coping and its Implications

IritPoratDr. Fany YuvalManagement Strategy of Municipal Enforcement for Urban Quality of Life in a Duo-Centric System

Nir ​​Reich
Prof. Ofer Azar​The influences on the tradeoff between time and money

AyeletReitanDr. Ofir Rubin

Collaborative Communities - Sustainability Against All Odds: A Case Study of a Variety of Kibbutz Communities
 HadarShanyDr. Simone MoranDr. Tehila KogutThe Role of Gratitude in Negotiation
 ChenSharonyProf. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Miki Malul The Welfare State and Redistribution Policy- Public Preferences and Actual Policy - Comparative Study
 YaelShmaryahu-YeshurunProf. Guy Ben-Porat Dr. Dina Van DijkSettlement Policy in Periphery: Between Nationalism and Neo-Liberalism   
 HadasShoshaniProf. Amos DroryDr. Dina Van-DijkThe Impact of Regulatory Focus on Feedback Seeking
 ShoshShpigelProf. Natan UrielyProf. Miki Bar-EliConditional Aspects in Lack of Control Case Study: Violence in Football Court
 SuzyShrem CohenProf. Rami YosefProf. Miki MalulMunicipal Finance and Management as a Leverage to Urban Growth
 EliranSolodohaProf. Yotam LurieDr. Stav RosenzweigPerformance, Policy and Innovation in Israeli Technology Startups
 AvivSterenDr. Stav RosenzweigDr. Ofir RubinThe effect of policies designed to reduce energy demand of private transportation on consumer behavior and driving safety
 EttieTevelProf. David Brock
Dr. Hagai KatzFinancial Vulnerability among Nonprofit Performing Arts Organizations
 YifatTurbinerProf. Dafna SchwartzProf. Nurit ZaidmanUnconferences and Hackathons as Platforms for Innovation Competencies Enhancement

OritUngerProf. Natan UrielyDr. Galia FuchsThe Business Traveler in the Context of Tourism and Work
Dr. ​Fany Yuval​
​Public Transportation and Gender Equality in the Municipal Space

AlisaVoslinskyProf. Ofer AzarDr. Yaron LahavBeliefs, Fairness Perceptions and an Irrelevant Offer in the Ultimatum Game
 MeravWeiss-SidiProf. Oded LowengartDr. Hila RiemerProsocial Behavior and its Emotional Consciences in Cross-Culture Aspects

AlbertYirmiyahuProf. Miki MalulDr. Ofir RubinStructural Analysis of Educational Reforms' Effects on Distinct Groups in the Israeli Labor Market
Prof. Rami YosefDr. Zvika Afik​
​Studies of complex managerial situations using stochastic processes

'19MichalBen ShaulProf. Arie Reichel
Social Networks Consumers Response to Soft Sell vs. Hard Sell Post Appeal and "Peer Influence" on Facebook Tourism Brand Pages
'19MichaelGelmanDr. Mosi RosenboimRisk Management & Characteristics in Financial Institutions
TalKaspiProf. Yotam LurieEthics of Food and Health Safety
'19AssafMalchiProf. Guy Ben-Porat Institution and Occupation Rewards of Minority Groups in Military Service
'19EzoldaSchreiberProf. Amos DroryDr. Dina Van-DijkThe Effect of Work Teams' Virtuality on Team Connectedness and Knowledge Sharing: the Moderating Role of Task Interdependence, Team Longevity and Team Diversity
'19TomerYehoshuaProf. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Miki MalulEconomy, Ideology and Public Sector Efficiency
'18ZviAmrousyProf. Rami YosefProf. Ilanit Gavious
Dr. Hagai Katz
The Relevant Dimensions in Corporate Social Responsibility Implementation
GalitAvidarProf. Yotam LurieProf. Amos DroryCan Effective Ethics Program Create a Positive Organizational Climate?: the Relationship between the Implementation of an Effective Ethics Program and Organizational Citizenship Behavior
'18ShellyBar-Tal RaveProf. Nurit ZaidmanAnalysis and Implications of Executive Development Programs
'18DodiEilatProf. Yotam LurieDr. Dina Van-DijkThe Relationship between Leadership and Ethical Climate
'18RonenHarelProf. Dafna SchwartzDr. Dan KaufmannFactors Affecting the Innovation Capabilities of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Traditional and Semi Traditional Sectors
'18RonitMontal RosenbergDr. Simone MoranThe Moderating Effect of Team Interdependence on the Relationship between Social Comparisons and Malicious Envy, Helping Behaviors and Harming Intentions
'18AlexanderNirenburgProf. Natan UrielySport Management and Media Coverage: the Case of Israeli Soccer Club
'17MotyBonehProf. Shlomo MizrahiDr. Hagai KatzInstitutional Change and Public Policy: the Case of Labor Relations in Israel
'17RinatItzhakiProf. Nurit ZaidmanProf. Ayala Malach-PinesConfronting the First Year of Being a School Principal: Ongoing Coping and Outcomes
'17OritMilo CohenProf. Shmuel HauserProf. Haim Kedar-LevyAggregate Leverage, Systemic Risk and the Macro Economy
EliaMorgulevProf. Miki Bar-EliProf. Ofer AzarDoes Success Breed Success? An Empirical Examination of Momentum in Basketball
'17RavitRubinshtein LevyProf. Haim Kedar-LevyProf. Uri Ben-ZionImplications of Pooling Disadvantaged Workers' Pension Savings to the National Insurance Institute of Israel and Directing them to Professional Pension Funds.
'17EfratSalton-MeirProf. Amos DroryProf. Mario MikulincerAttachment Orientation and Gender as Predictors of Abusive Supervision in the Workplace
'17MosheShemmaProf. Natan UrielyProf. Shaul KrakoverDevelopment of Urban Tourism Attractions: Management Versus Local Factors
'17MichalStrierProf. Guy Ben-PoratDr. Hagai KatzSocial Capital, Trust, Labeling and Engagement: Democratic Schools
'16GilAppelProf. Oded LowengartThe Desire for Here and Now: The information era's Impact on Aggregate Consumer Behavior
'16HilaAxelradProf. Miki MalulProf. Israel LuskiDifficulties of Integrating Older Workers into the Labor Market
'16TomerBakalashProf. Arie Reichel, Dr. Ayala Malach-PinesDr. Hila RiemerAffect in Advertising using FMRI and Other Measures
'16TehilaBaruchiProf. Shlomo MizrahiDr. Fany YuvalPolicy of Public Participation in Decision Making in Local Government: Theory and Practice
'16HillaCohenDr. Hagai KatzProf. Ayala Malach-PinesSocial Entrepreneurs: Background and Personality
'16IritHarbounProf. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Guy Ben-PoratPolitical Entrepreneurship and Collective Action: the Case of the Arab Minority in Israel
'16YiscaMonnickendam-GivonProf. Dafna SchwartzProf. Benjamin GidronSocial Networks in Management of Small Businesses among Ultra Orthodox and Non-Ultra Orthodox Women
'16MichalSchodlDr. Dina Van-DijkProf. Ayala Malach-PinesThe Effect of Regulatory Fit on Motivational Decisions
'15RachelAzurel CaliphaProf. Dov DvirDr. Ahron RosenfeldThe Relationship between Technological Knowledge Transfer and Performance of Acquiring Firms in Mergers and Acquisitions
'15EnavFriedmannProf. Oded LowengartGender Differences in Consumers' Multi-Attribute Product Choice Processes in a Competitive Environment
'15GilaOrenProf. Arie Reichel, Prof. Ayala Malach-PinesProf. Yaniv PoriaThe Emotional Experience During a Visit at Heritage Site, a Case Study of Auschwitz-Birkenau
'15EsterSatanovskyProf. Shmuel HauserDr. Ilanit GaviousThe Association between Financial and Tax Reporting Aggressiveness under Changing Book-Tax Conformity: the Israeli Case of IFRS Adoption
'14MariaBlekherDr. Amir GrinsteinProf. Shai DanzigerDoing Good Biases Managerial Decisions: Unexpected Effects of Corporate Social Responsibility
'14YossiDashtiProf. Dafna SchwartzProf. Ayala Malach-PinesHigh Technology Entrepreneurs, Their Social Networks and Success in Global Markets: the Case of Israelis in the U.S. Market
'14EsteryGiloz-RanDr. Ilanit GaviousProf. Shmuel HauserThe Association between Financial and Tax Reporting Aggressiveness under Changing Book-Tax Conformity: the Israeli Case of IFRS Adoption
'13InbalAbbouProf. Benjamin GidronCorporate Social Responsibility – Patterns of CSR in Public Traded Firms and the Core Periphery Elements of CSR
'13GilaBurdeDr. Ahron  RosenfeldDr. Zachary SheafferPrediction of Financial Vulnerability: the Case of Israeli Nonprofit Organizations
'13AnatGeifman-BroderProf. Nurit Zaidman Knowledge Transfer in an MNC- the Role of the HQ and the Relevant Contexts
'13TamarIceksonProf. Ayala Malach-Pines Positive Perception as a Trait and as a State among Women and Men and its Manifestations in the Spheres of Work and Family
'13NoaSharirProf. Benjamin Gidron “Patterns of Corporate Social Responsibility Policies by SMNE'S Operating in Israel"
'12LiorGalProf. Haim Kedar-LevyDr. Ahron Rosenfeld, Prof. U. Ben ZionAspects of Portfolio Management in the Capital Market: Turn of the Month and Mutual Fund Management
'12MichaelPeledProf. Dov DvirTowards a Contingent Approach of Customer Involvement in Defense R&D Projects
'12MichalRevivo-SteinerProf. Ayala Malach-PinesEntrepreneurship and Self-Employment Training for People with Psychiatric Disabilities as a Vocational Rehabilitation Option: Assessing the Subjective and Objective Influences of a Business Training, Counseling and Support Project
'12ZivaSharpProf. Nurit ZaidmanConflicting Logics in the Strategic Process in Non-Profit Organizations
'11OshritKaspi-BaruchProf. Ayala Malach-PinesFactors Related to Career Choice in Management: the Influence of Gender, Family Background and MBA Studies
'11RutiLustigProf. Ayala Malach-PinesProf. Issac FreedmanThe Relationship between Narcissism, Altruism, and Work Significance and the Perceived Causes of Stress and of the Professional Future of Elementary School Managers
'11IrisNehemyaProf. Amos DroryProf. Nurit ZaidmanThe Integration of Employees from the Periphery Region in the High-Tech Industry in Israel
'11YaelRamProf. Natan UrielyProf. Ayala Malach-PinesFrom Familial Vacation to Vacation for Families.
'11KellySaporta-SorozonProf. Miki Bar-EliProf. Shai DanzigerCasual Messages in Marketing Communication: the Impact of Co-variation Data on Message Effectiveness as a Function of Their Match to Previous Causal Knowledge
'11OmriShamirProf. Guy Ben-PoratProf. Shlomo MizrahiPolitical Consumerism, Social-Political Entrepreneurs and Public Policy in the Global Era: Conceptual Framework and Case Studies in Israel
'11AviSilbigerProf. Ayala Malach-PinesExpatriate Adjustment from the Perspectives of Attachment and Regulatory Focus Theories
'11EyalTevetProf. Shlomo Mizrahi Institutional Change and Public Policy Ruling in Public Infrastructures Area: the Case of Changing the Structure of Israel's Electricity Industry
'10NissimCohenProf. Shlomo Mizrahi Institutional Change, Alternative Politics and Public Policy: the Shaping and Implementation of Healthcare Policy in Israel
'10HadasGelanderProf. Shmuel Hauser An Examination of the Influence of Business Combination Accounting Standards on the Mergers and Acquisitions Market in USA
'10AmitGurevichProf. David A. Frenkel The State as its Own Business Management
'10YarivItzkovichProf. Amos Drory Incivility- Victims, Antecedents, Consequences and More
'10YaacovLifshitzProf. Rafi Bar-ElProf. Jesse WeinblattEconomy under Persistent Terrorism How to Control the Negative Economic Consequences of Terrorism
'09TsvikaBen-PoratProf. Dafna SchwartzThe Gap between Demand & Supply and the Need for Support in New Technology-Based Ventures
'09DiklaElishaProf. Amos DroryThe Effects of Transformational Leadership, Job Complexity, Psychological Contract Breach, and Organizational Politics On Organizational Citizenship Behavior
'09RafikHagProf. Shlomo MizrahiProf. Guy Ben-PoratCollective Action, Social Capital and Taxes: the Case of the Israeli Arab Citizens' Participation in Local Government Taxes
'09Shlomo- YedidiaTarbaProf. Ariel ReichelProf. Y. WebberThe Effect of National and Organizational Culture Differences and of Synergy Potential On the Choice and Implementation of a Post-Acquisition Integration Approach, and On Its Effectiveness
'08GilAvnimelechProf. Dafna SchwartzAn Evolutionary Model of Startup-Intensive and Venture Capital-Backed High Tech Cluster Development
'08AvitalBiranProf. Ariel ReichelProf. Yaniv PoriaHeritage Tourism Management Perception of Heritage Settings and Tourist Behavior
'08AvshalomDanochProf. David A. Frenkel Business Characteristics '05hat Encourage Civil Court Proceedings
'08TsviFrenkelProf. Arye Naor Administrative Discretion
'07YaronAmzalegDr. Ahron RosenfeldProf. U. Ben-ZionCorporate Governance and Agency Problems: Theoretical and Empirical Analyses of the Voting By Mutual Fund Managers, Related Party Transactions, and Executive Compensation
'07SharonBarkanProf. Ayala Malach-Pines The Congruency between Personal and Organizational Regulatory Focus and Its Relationship to Burnout and Well- Being of High Technology Engineers: a Comparison between Start-Ups and Established Firms in the Israeli High Tech Industry
'07DanKaufmannProf. Dafna Schwartz The Process of Network Development in Biotechnology Firms: Identifying the Factors Involved in the Networking Process and Assessing Their Influence
'07IditNess-WeismanProf. Shlomo Mizrahi Strengthening the Status and Independence of Local Authorities' Auditors in Israel
'07RamiSchayekProf. Dov DvirDr. Dan Kaufmann. Dr. Sharon BarkanThe influence of public assistance programs on small businesses: measurement of performance through strategic planning, entrepreneurship, resources usage and market orientation
'06GilatKaplanProf. Ayala Malach-Pines Background and Personality Variables in Serial High-Technology Entrepreneurs in Israel
'06LiorOrenProf. Ayala Malach-Pines Self Employed and Organization Employed Workers: Self Regulatory Focus, Job Characteristics, Stress, Burnout and Coping
'05YoavGalProf. Kenneth Preiss Coupling between Information and Organizational Processes in a Time-Varying Environment
'05SigalitRonenProf. Ayala Malach-Pines Personality Dimensions – Orientation Towards the Self and Orientation Towards the Other, Gender Differences and Coping in High Technology Engineers' Burnout
'05AmirShohamProf. H. ShalitDr. V. YaariManaging Knowledge Flows in MNCS: the Elasticity Employment Contract Model
'05YuvalTsurProf. Ayala Malach-PinesProf. Aviad RazWomen in the Israeli Air Force Training Course, 1996-1999: an Organizational Culture and Meeting of Cultures Perspective
'04TsiporahEizenmannProf. Rafi Bar-ElProf. Shlomo MizrahiThe Regional Colleges As Development Boosters - Theory and Practice
'04IlanKalechkoProf. Miki Bar-Eli Shaping Goal Oriented Behavior in High Demands Conditions Model Construction and Examination in the Context of Elite Sport Competition
'04YizhakLubotzkiProf. David A. Frenkel Limiting Employers' Management Power According to Israel Labor Law
'04MikiMalulProf. Rafi Bar-El Decisions On Location and Economic Efficiency in the Regional System
'04AsafMaydaniProf. David A. FrenkelProf. Shlomo MizrahiPolitical Entrepreneurs and Dynamics of Institutional Change: Conceptual Framework and Analysis of Case Studies in Israel
'01SimchaAvugosProf. Miki Bar-EliDetecting Efficacy- Performance Cycles As a Function of a Performer's Level of Expertise