To create knowledge in the various fields of management science and to instill cutting-edge knowledge in tomorrow's managers, exposure to knowledge frontiers, experimentation, 
and application.

We see the pursuit of excellence and professionalism as central values while adopting the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility. These standards are major in training tomorrow's managers. This spirit permeates all aspects of daily life in the department.


  • The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management conducts cutting-edge research
  • in various fields of management science.
  • The department's educational programs offer knowledge in management science and
  • allow students to specialize in finance, economics, marketing, human resources
  • management, information systems, and organizational behavior.
  • Programs are adapted to the dynamic and complex business realities of the 21st century.
  • Management is a science; the program encourages research under the guidance
  • of department faculty members.
  • A business project in the 3rd year provides students with practical industry experience.

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The tools acquired in the program provide graduates with the tools required to join the workforce effectively in financing, investing and banking, marketing, communications, advertising, organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, technology management, and more. Departmental ties with industry have been cultivated for teaching, research, practical experimentation, and student placement needs.


Study Tracks

This track exposes students to the analysis and design of information systems, particularly emphasizing their use in organizations. The synergy resulting from an in-depth understanding of management science and information technology confers students with a competitive advantage in the workplace. Courses are taught in the Department of Management and Industrial Engineering and Management framework.