​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​GGFBM FACULTY AND RESEARCH FIELDS

​*senior lecturer

TitleF.NameL. Name
AfikBusiness Administrationfixed income, credit risk, financial modeling, financial derivatives, risk management and hedging  
Business AdministrationBehavioral economics, experimental economics, industrial organization, competitive strategy​
Emer. Prof.RaphaelBar-ElPublic Policy & Administrationregional economic development, growth with better distribution of income, innovation ecosystem, Israeli-Palestinian economic cooperation, economic policy,innovation
Prof.MichaelBar-EliBusiness Administrationpsychology of human performance in varying fields such as: organizations, sports, decision-making, stress and burnout
Prof.*RachelBarkanBusiness AdministrationDecision Making under uncertainty, Preference Reversal, Learning processes, Behavioral Ethics ​
Dr.SharonBarkanManagementstress and burnout, work motivation, human resource management and career development
Dr.*YanivBelhassenHotel & Tourism Managementsocio-cultural aspects of tourism as an industry and as a social practice, philosophical questions relating to the development and establishment of tourism studies as an academic field
Prof.GabiBin NunHealth Systems Managementhealth policy, health economics, and health care systems
Prof.DavidBrockBusiness Administrationplanning in multinationals and their subsidiaries, global strategy, the international diversification of professional service firms, capability building in globalizing service firms, and institutional changes in professions
Emer. Prof.DovChernichovskyHealth Systems Managementhealth systems organizing and funding, social health insurance, decentralizing health systems
Prof.[Retired]EliCohenManagementfood and beverages marketing, cross-national consumers' behavior in choice of food, wine, olive oil and other food products, sustainability in food products.
Dr.IrisCohen-KanerBusiness AdministrationInspirational Leadership, change management, 360 performance appraisal
Prof.NadavDavidovitchHealth Systems Managementhealth policy, health inequities, health and immigration, vaccination policy, environmental health and public health history and ethics
Emer. Prof.AmosDroryBusiness Administrationorganizational behaviors, management conflicts, politics and power in management
Emer. Prof.DovDvirManagementproject management, technology entrepreneurship, technological innovation, technology-based organization management
Efrat-Tre​isterManagementaggression in organizations, anger, cross-cultural management, time perception, creativity



Health Systems Management​

health systems management evidence-informed policymaking
PaulaFeder-BubisHealth Systems Managementhealth organizations management and policies, the impact of health systems reforms at micro-, meso- and macro-levels, and health care personnel issues
Emer. Prof. DavidFrenkelBusiness Administrationlabour law, medical and  health law, business and ethics
Dr.*GaliaFuchsHotel & Tourism Managementtourism, leisure and vacation consumption patterns and tourist behavior
Prof.IlanitGaviousBusiness Administrationearnings management and accounting fraud, valuation of intangible, financial disclosure and accounting
Emer. Prof.BenjaminGidronBusiness Administrationnonprofit management, social enterprise, third sector,Social economy
Prof.AvishayGoldbergHealth Systems Managementhealth policy, military medicine, disaster medicine
Prof.DanGreenbergHealth Systems Managementmedical technology evaluations, cost effectiveness analysis
Dr.*UrielHaranManagementJudgment and decision making, competitive behavior, behavioral business ethics​
Prof.ShmuelHauserBusiness Administrationtrade methods, capital market supervision, securities analysis, investment ethics, efficiency of IPOs, corporate dividend policy
Prof.TuviaHorevHealth Systems Managementnational health planning and regulation, health and LTC insurance, national health systems organizing and funding, health workforce and infrastructure planning, inequalities in health and healthcare services
​Tehila ​
​ Kalagy
​Public Policy & Administration
Public administration and local government, social policy, planning and policy in higher education, intercultural management, academic processes and employment in conservative societies, quality of service in the public sector​
Dr.*HagaiKatzBusiness AdministrationNonprofit organizations civil society and civic engagement, social entrepreneurship and enterprise, philanthropy and prosocial behavior ​
Prof.HaimKedar-LevyManagementthe theoretical and empirical study of financial bubbles, and financial market anomalies
KletzSocial Leadership MBAbusiness ethics, social responsibility, strategy of foundations, social leadership
Dr.*YaronLahavBusiness Administrationbehavioral and experimental finance and decision making, International tax and transfer pricing
AlonLisakManagementleadership and team processes, global leadership in multicultural teams, cross cultural management, leadership emergence & motivation
Prof.OdedLowengartBusiness Administrationthe effect of information and its intensity on choice processes, consumer heterogeneity, reference price, and international branding
YotamLurieManagementprofessional ethics, methodological issues within applied ethics, Ethics in IT, ethics in engineering​
Prof.MikiMalulPublic Policy & Administrationlabor market policy, inequity, correlation between incentives and performance, economic development of peripheral regions​
SimoneMoranManagementJudgment and Decision Making, Negotiations
Dr.Coby​MorvinskiManagementconsumer behavior, judgment and decision making, behavioral economics
Emer. Prof.JosephPliskinHealth Systems Managementclinical decision making, operations management in health care organizations, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis in health and medicine, technology assessment, utility theory and decision analysis
Prof.YanivPoriaHotel & Tourism Managementvisitors' experience at heritage tourist sites, special segments often ignored in the tourism literature, the conceptualization of "tourism", sex in tourism
Emer. Prof.
ArieReichelHotel & Tourism Managementservice marketing, tourism & hotel management, management strategies, business ethics
Dr.*HilaRiemerManagementconsumer behavior: emotional and unconscious factors that influence consumer's judgment
Dr.*MosiRosenboimManagementfinance, behavioral finance, and regional economic policy

Dr.* retired

AhronRosenfeldManagementcorporate governance, including mergers and acquisitions, related-party transactions, and the impact of institutional investors on corporate decisions
Dr.AnatRosenthalHealth Systems Managementmedical anthropology, global health, healthcare systems in resource-limited settings, health and society in sub-Saharan Africa, infectious diseases, global health policy
Dr.*StavRosenzweigManagementInnovation management, technology and knowledge management, innovation policy, consumer and firm behavior, business and marketing strategy​
Dr.*OfirRubinPublic Policy & Administrationenergy and environmental policy, natural resource management, the adoption of renewable energy technologies, agricultural economics and rural development
GallaSalganik-ShoshanBusiness Administrationbehavioral finance and empirical asset pricing
AmosSchurrBusiness Administrationorganizational behavior, social influence and the relationship between the individual and the organization, gender differences and the effect of competition on individuals and teams
DafnaSchwartzBusiness Administrationeconomic and business development, high-tech industry, innovation, start-ups, entrepreneurship, SME's, regional and local economic development
Dr.*AmirShaniHotel & Tourism Managementtourism hospitality ethics, tourism and the environment, sustainable tourism, ecotourism, animal use in tourism and entertainment
Dr.*DanielShapiraBusiness AdministrationComplex Systems in Marketing, Social Networks, Emergence of Collective Behavior, New Product Adoption, Mathematical Models in Marketing​
​Business Administration
​financial risk management, extreme events, uncertainty, actuarial science, loss distributions, systemic risks, finance
Dr.*TzahitSimon-TuvalHealth Systems Managementhealth economics, patterns of health care utilization, patients' adherence to medical care- preferences and incentives, copayment, Willingness to pay, economic evaluation of health services
Prof.NatanUrielyHotel & Tourism Managementtourist typologies, the tourist experience, guest-host interaction, deviance in tourism and late/post modernity
Dr.*DinaVan DijkHealth Systems Managementwork motivation, the influence of self-regulatory focus processes, leadership, health behaviors and well-being
Prof.RamiYosefBusiness Administrationfinance, actuarial science and pension insurance, trade methods, capital market, securities analysis, financial derivatives, risk management and hedging, credit risk, financial risk
Dr.*FanyYuvalPublic Policy & Administrationinclude local authorities' policy and management, organizational behavior and strategic management in the public sector; managerial quality and performance in the public sector; responsiveness of public administration agencies; voting theory, public opinion, voters' behavior and election studies in general and municipal level
Prof.NuritZaidmanBusiness Administrationculture and international business, global teams, discourse and intercultural communication, workplace spirituality

*Senior Lecturer