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Jan. 02, 2019

​​​​​​AI (Artificial Intelligence) is everywhere! Yesterday it was in the BGU Senate Hall, where 3 of the GGFBM Center communities - Brainstorm BGU Riders, DiSCo and Biomed Tech – joined forces for an unforgettable night all about artificial intelligence. Fifty motivated students met to hear more about the basics of AI from Miriam Dissen Ben Or, M.A. student in Cognitive Science, and about scalability from Eran Avidan, senior software engineer at Intel Israel. To cap off a great night, the students broke into smaller groups to come up with their own AI ideas as part of Intel's Challenge, and participated in a conceptual hackathon.

This was the kickoff event for the GGFBM's third annual Challenge Competition: Over the course of the last year, we created technological venture communities: Brainstorm BGU – BGU students involved in brain-related technologies; DiSCo – BGU's Data Science Community data mining, data science, machine learning. and BioMed Tech & Entrepreneurship – composed of BGU students in the Department of Biomedical Engineering.  While these communities are run by students, they are mentored, in the GGFBM Innovation Gateway, by the many mentors of the GGFBM Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

In this, our third annual Challenge Competition, Intel Israel (the challenger) has proposed the theme of Artificial Intelligence. They've chosen the right place, as BGU is known in Israel to be one of the only and most productive institutions in AI and robotics in diversified, compelling fields, projects, research. The competing teams must prove, among other requirements, the social impact of their solutions.

​Prizes of this competition, sponsored by Intel, Israel: First Place NIS 12,000; Second Place NIS 10,000, Third Place NIS 8,000.

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