The diverse Information and Communication Technology services at Ben-Gurion University caters to students from the comfort of their own dormitory rooms.

The service is available only to students in dorms C and D.

Students residing in the north campus dorms will contact the various service providers independently in order to acquire internet services.

ICT services are provided in accordance with university policies and guidelines, which are subject to occasional changes.

The University can change the extent and nature of these services at any given time.



The user does hereby agree to uphold the following requirements concerning their personal computer in order to receive the services detailed herein:

  • The student must install the latest anti-virus software.
  • The student must install all security updates critical to Microsoft's Operating Systems – Critical Patches.
  • The connection of any personal communication equipment to university networks is strictly prohibited – this includes routers, network switches or hubs.

To purchase a wireless router for use in the dorms, click here: speedy router for dorms

High-Speed Router

This router is specifically meant for students who live in the dormitories. The router has full Gigabit internet speed support in each copper port, compliant with the AC standard for WiFi.

This router is meant for students whose equipment is compatible with the 5Ghz AC-standard of WiFi. Before making the purchase, students must make sure that their devices (smartphones, laptops, tablets, etc.) are compatible with this standard.

The product will be collected from building #62, rooms 11, 12, and 13 – after coordinating your arrival with the technician at 08-6461742.  

Purchase is limited to one router per student.

​The user does hereby declare that they are aware that failure to uphold the abovementioned conditions can result in their temporary disconnection from the service.


  • Continuous connection to the university network.
  • Access to databases and e-journals in accordance with the preexisting agreements with the Central Library at the university.
  • On-campus email and file-sharing services.
  • The ability to Operate PC applications from the dormitories, such as Matlab, SSPS, and Adams.
  • The ability to run institutional programs via the service.
  • No need to wait for available computers at public classrooms.
  • Internet access in accordance with university policy, which is subject to occasional changes.


  • Peer-to-peer services are blocked.

To Join ICT Services:

 Service costs are per one academic year and is subject to occasional updates. The price will be displayed during the online purchase process.

In order to receive computing services at the student dormitories, you must apply for them via the personal information page: Dorm information zone – Dean of Students

Instruction page – How to connect to the internet at the dormitories​