​​Identity theft:​

There are at least five common ways for hostile parties to access and use your personal data:

Providing personal information through phishing or voice phishing

Providing personal information in chat rooms, forums, and so on

Browsing infected sites

Your computer or storage devices have been stolen or lost

Disposal of personal documents without shredding

How do I keep my identity?​

Keep passwords secret, always use strong passwords, and never use your BGU password for personal accounts not within university applications.

There is no need to disclose information such as your birth date, mother's maiden name, favorite pet name, and so on the Internet - these questions are often used in basic security questions

When you forget details of online accounts as proof of identity, do not give out any personal information online, especially on social networking sites

Note the email and information you transmit with instant messaging software, beware of phishing scams

Make sure that all the computers you use are up-to-date with security updates and anti-virus software

Keep your computer hardware and storage from theft  

When you replace your computer hardware, make sure you've taken all of your personal information 

You can also use Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA) or Multi-factor authentication on sites or applications that support it.​