​​The Computation Center at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev provides

a variety of IT services to the students from  the student dormitories.

The IT services are subject to the University's policies and rules,

as determined from time to time. The university has the right

to make changes at any time in the scope and nature of the services provided.


​​The students undertakes to fulfill the following requirements on their private computers in order to receive the service:

  • Install updated antivirus software.
  • Installing all critical security patches and operating systems 
  • Do not connect any private communications equipment to university networks such as routers, switches or communication hubs.

    You can purchase a wireless router for use in the dormitories at the following link - router dormitory

    The student hereby declares that he is aware that in case the above conditions are not met he will be temporary disconnected from the service.


    Benefits of the service:

  • Direct connection to the university communication network.
  • Easy access to databases and electronic journals under the Central Library Agreement
  • E-mail services and file transfer on campus.
  • Running computing applications from the dormitories, such as: SSPS, Matlab, Adams etc by using the  https://apps.bgu.ac.il  virtual services. For details about the service click here.

  • Internet surfing, in accordance with the University's policy, as determined from time to time.

    Service Disadvantages:

  • Peer to peer services, such as, kasa, imesh, emule and so forth are blocked. 

  • Joining the service

    The price of the service for an academic year is 420 Nis. You can pay either through the application at student services link ​​ ,or by a voucher, which can be obtained from the helpdesk section of the computation center, Building 58, Room number 1.

    The hours of operation of the helpdesk section, Building 58, Room 1 are Sunday through Thursday from 8:00 to 16:00


    The addressee may not transfer his right to receive the service.

    It is hereby emphasized that the authorization details (user name

    And password) are personal. Providing them to others is strictly prohibited and is a disciplinary offense.

    Communication services for students in dormitories.pdf​