​Computation Center Department

New Campus, Building 34 Room 212 Telephone: 08-6477178 and 08-6461151

The Computation Center is the organizational framework responsible for the development and maintenance of computing and communication infrastructure services for research, teaching and administrative information systems. 
The Computation Center Manager is responsible for the implementation of new technologies in the fields of computerization and communications and 
their assimilation at the University. In addition, it is a senior professional level in support of computer systems in teaching and research. 
The Computation Center manager is in charge of the sections: central operating systems, personal computers, communication and operation, databases and internet infrastructure,
helpdesk support, and learning and consulting technologies. 

The central operating systems section,

New campus, building 35, in offices on the ground floor

The central operating systems section is responsible for selecting and implementing computing servers, operating systems, storage and backup systems, and information security systems according to the needs of the organization. 
He is also responsible for the maintenance of these systems, as well as consulting and purchasing computer systems and software packages to support teaching and research in the Linux / UNIX environment.

Personal Computing Section

New Campus, Building 58 Room 13 Tel: 08-6461591 
The personal computing section is responsible for selecting and assimilating technologies in the field of personal computers 
(Macintosh, IBM-PC and its adapters). 
The section provides support for software and hardware, including training in these fields. 
The section  also engages in the planning, construction and maintenance of public computer classes for teaching throughout the university.

Communications section

New Campus, Building 62 Room 14 Telephone: 08-6461159

The communications section is responsible for the planning, development, implementation and maintenance of 
communications infrastructure (including wired, wireless, work from home and WAN) of Ben-Gurion University. 
Helpdesk Section

New Campus, Building 58 Room 003 Telephone: 08-6477171

The helpdesk Section is responsible for providing support, assistance and solution to all the staff and students and manages most of the administrative personal computers.

E-Learning Technologies and Counseling section

New campus, Building 62 Room 11 Telephone: 08-6477204, 08-6472578, 08-6461155

The E-Learning Technologies and Counseling section is responsible for selecting, assimilating and supporting 
e-learning systems. 
The section also advises faculty and graduate students in the field of scientific programs.

Databases and Internet Infrastructure Section

New campus, building 35, in offices on the ground floor

The database and internet infrastructure section is responsible for database development and maintenance, BGU web infrastructure development and maintenance and internet technologies development and maintenance.