​Your password is the first line of defense for protecting your privacy and protecting your data at the university

 Dear students and faculty members,

We often see a worldwide phenomenon of repeated attempts to fraudulently obtain the details of your passwords, impersonating university officials in general and the computation center personal in particular (the phenomenon occurs in many institutions). In some cases, there are faculty members and students who do disclose the details of the credentials, and these details are used to spread spam that cause the university a lot of damage to the point where we are placed on a black list of distributors. This may delay or even prevent the receipt of mail from the university by other institutions

As part of the struggle against this phenomenon, we will enforce a policy of changing password at least once a year.

This is not a new policy.

​The Computer Policy Committee related to the issue and its decision was expressed in Section 4.8 of the Regulation on the Use of Computer Services, as follows: "The user must change his password at least once a year" 

To change the password, go to the Computing and Information Systems Division and click on "Change Password".

The computation center will distribute a request to change the password two months before the determining date.

Users who do not change their password by that date will have their computing privileges locked.

We would like to remind you that you are not allowed to request or transmit password information to anyone.

For further details, please contact the Computation Center helpdesk section at helpdesk@bgu.ac.il Or 08-6477171.