​A basket of support services for university staff

The following services are provided to university units whose computing devices are under the responsibility of the Computer Support Section  

·         Guidance and basic training in usage of operating systems

·         Installation and maintenance of operating systems, Office products, Internet browsers, MacAfee antivirus and EPO. 

·         assistance with problems and configuration related to central university information systems such as  Email, internet from home or dormitories, connecting to wireless networks, student administration, Human resource, "Hilan" ( salary),  And more.

·         Assistance with problems related to the university credential information and identification problems such as password.

·         setting up printers scanners etc.

·         diagnosing of hardware malfunctions and software problems, solving them, or recommending additional treatment.

·         Distribution of information and software updates included in the Support Basket or other relevant software.

o   To improve the service for all our users, users of university units 
who have their own computing staff (“referents") should contact their referents whenever necessary.

Support services basket for students

·         Help downloading software licensed by the university like MacAfee antivirus

·         Help setting up a public printer.

·         Help connect laptops to the university wireless network.

·         Distributing information regarding to computer systems and networks.

·         helps configure and troubleshoot e-mail and list of communications software.

·         Assistance in accessing the student administration system (registration to the university, registration to courses, personal information and more)

·         assisting with networking resources (such as Forum, Drive S, Video servers, Moodle, APPS).

·         Assistance in accessing library databases.

·         Assistance in problems related to the university authorization system and identification problems (like password replacement etc).

Unfortunately, we cannot support problems related to Apple devices based on IOS operating system like computers, tablets, and smartphones
Information regarding connection settings to the wireless network, e-mail software, access to library databases and more, is available on the Computing and Information Systems Division website
For further assistance, please contact the IT personal (referent) in your department.


Receiving service

For service, please contact the Computation center Support Section

Sunday through Thursday between 08:00 and 16:00

Reception by prior appointment only Sunday through Thursday between 08.30 and 15.30


Contact Information:

·       Open a service call   Including mobile devices and cell phones.

·       E-mail: helpdesk@bgu.ac.il

·       Telephone: Internal , 77171 , External6477171 (08) 

·       Fax: Internal, 77967 , External 6477967 (08)


o   1. To improve the service for all our users, users of university units 
who have their own computing staff ( "referents") should contact their referents  whenever necessary.

2. On Sundays through Thursdays - 21: 00-16: 00 and on Fridays - 12: 00-08: 00, you can contact 6461152 or 6461161 with general questions 
related to the availability of the computation center services and handling of user passwords. 

3. To configure and solve problems related to university internet from home service, please contact HotNet's telephone support center at 0535353133. The following information should be provided to the HotNet Support Personnel: First name, last name and personal university identification number. The personal identifier is available at the following link:  https://tamrur.bgu.ac.il/hotnet/login.php 

4. The Computation center Support Section will do everything in its power to provide solutions and assistance to users.

5. The service is supplied by phone call, e-mail or coming to us.


We make every effort to provide efficient and quality service to all of our clients. An update on the status of handling inquiries / service calls can be found at the following link:  https://helpdesk.bgu.ac.il/Login.jsp

Head of Computation center Support Section