​​​What is an information security event?

Unauthorized access to information

Stealing passwords

Intrusion into university systems / computers.

Malware or advanced malware such as ransomware, Trojans etc.

The theft or loss of computing devices containing private information.

Reporting about an information Security Event:

Provide as much detail as possible about the event, including:

Name of the system and affected users, computer name, IP address, user names, occurrence date, what are the symptoms, who and what is affected by the event, what measures have been taken to deal with the incident?

Suspected phishing message

If you want to report phishing or other malicious email, forward the message, including full email headers, as an attachment, to: eran@bgu.ac.il.  

How do I report about an ​information security event?

Send email to: infosec@lists.bgu.ac.il​