The Computation Center creates credentials (login, password) for all computing resources for all students and staff. 
These credentials include an initial password.

All students and faculty using these credentials must comply with
the following password guidelines:

When you receive the credentials, you must replace the initial password with a personal password.
The password is personal and should not be passed on to anyone else - it should not be transferred to a student or other faculty member at the university or outside it. Please note that passing a password to another person is a disciplinary offense.

Any misuse of a user's credentials of computing resources, 
even if performed by another person who has received the password, will be deemed to have been committed by the user himself.

If you have completed your work at any computing resource that required identification, make sure that you log out of your user account (Log Off) from that computing resource.

It is recommended that you change your password every 3 months. You must change it at least once a year.

These rules are clarifications and are not replacing or  modifying the guidelines as defined at the university regulation written in 16-001.pdf .