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BGU COM LINKS is a team of researchers led by Professor Amit Schejter of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev,

department of communication studies. It is part of the Learning in a NetworKed Society (
LINKS) Israeli Center of Research Excellence (I-CORE), one of sixteen I-COREs designed and funded by the Government of Israel, as leading research centers specializing in a range of disciplines and aimed at fundamentally strengthening scientific research in Israel and establishing Israel's standing as a world leader in scientific research.
The team’s research focuses on introducing contemporary information and communication technologies (ICTs) to members of marginalized communities and on addressing the information essentials of the needy.

The project will first explore the causes for and the nature of digital variance and examine the cultural and educational needs of marginalized and excluded communities. Next, it will analyze how they can be met with the use of different technologies utilizing an innovative software infrastructure. Individual studies will focus on the subjects’ unique information needs and on the use they make of mobile ICTs when encountered by creative tasks. The content created as well as online activity data will be gathered and analyzed so as to inform the development of a theoretical framework guiding ICT policies empowering marginalized groups.