Feb. 15, 2016

Health Minister Yaakov Litzman has appointed Prof. Iris Shai the sole academic representative of the sciences to a new committee charged with discussing and then compiling a policy for regulating healthy nutrition. The purpose of the committee is to examine ways to affect the nutritional habits of the country’s population on the one hand, and to bring about a change in food ingredients on the other.

The committee will discuss: labeling nutrition facts on food containers, taxing unhealthy food, labeling the nutritional value of restaurant food, controlling the prices of healthy food, limiting food ingredients, among other things.

Prof. Shai of the Department of Public Health focuses on nutrition and epidemiology of chronic diseases through clinical intervention trials, where she studies the effect of diet and life style intervention on diabetes, CVD and obesity.

She has conducted some of the most thorough and longest randomized controlled intervention trials in the world.