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Jul. 20, 2023


  In a survey conducted by The Student Association, the students were asked which of the lecturers:
- Inspire them

-  Really see the students in front of them and show care
-  Whose classes are safe space for development beyond studies
-  Care about the students and their success

The award was presented to Michal Shemesh as a surprise during the last class of the semester by her students.

Michal Shemesh graduated with a Bachelor`s and Master`s degree in The Computer Science Department. She has been working as a member of the Junior Academic Staff since 2008 as a practitioner and lecturer.
For about a decade she has been employed as a teaching associate and teaches two core courses of the department: "Introduction to Computer Science" and "Data Structures".

This is not the first prize Michal has won. Michal was awarded the Luva and David Glatt Award for teaching excellence in 2018, 2020 and 2021.


Michal was also awarded An innovative lecturer for the year 2018 on behalf of The Unit for the Promotion of the Quality of Teaching and Learning in 2021.
She also won the Most Outstanding Lecturer Award (this is due to her winning for the third time in 5 years).


And in 2022 she was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by the Department of Illustrated Sciences for excellence in teaching for a continuous contribution to teaching that is particularly noteworthy.


We in the Computer Science Department are happy about Michal`s success and choosing her again and again.

We thank Michal for her contribution to the Computer Science Department.

Well done!

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