​Ph.D. students are considered students of the Kreitman school. Hence, all the general information regarding acceptance conditions and study regulations can be found at the Kreitman school’s website. All Students with a recognized Master degree wishing to study for Ph.D. in Computer Science should first contact the Graduate committee chairperson Dr. Or Sattath​.​​

Requirements for the Ph.D. degree​

To obtain a Ph.D. in the Computer Science Department, one has to complete courses worthy of 10 academic points, and write an extensive Ph.D. thesis on a specific research topic of interest. The Ph.D. thesis is similar to the M.Sc. thesis, only it is more extensive and rich.  A good Ph.D. thesis is expected to contain scientific contributions that are substantial enough to be published in about three research papers in respectable journals. For comparison, a good M.Sc. thesis is expected to lead to one such research paper.

See more administrative information at the Kreitman school.

Foreign Students

The Ph.D. program is open to foreign students. As for local students, to be admitted, students find an advisor before applying.

For additional information please find at International Students and Kreitman school.