The Department of Compu​ter Science at Ben-Gurion University originated from the Computer Science program in the Mathematics department and was founded as an independent department in the year 2000. Although it is one of the youngest departments in Ben Gurion University, it is the fastest to grow, leading the growth of BGU as a whole in both research and education. With close to 450 new undergraduate students accepted to its different academic programs, the Computer Science department is already the largest in the university, teaching more than 1500 students. With more than 40​​​ full ti​​me faculty, it is also among the largest in terms of academic staff whose research activities span virtually all Computer Science research areas. The department prides itself with strong international reputation and world class research that are complemented by vigorous and exciting research atmosphere, state-of-the-art research labs, and a spirit of congeniality and collegiality.

The department offers the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy in various academic programs, including Computer Science, Bioinformatics, and Software Engineering (jointly with the Engineering School), as well as numerous joint interdisciplinary degrees with the Mathematics, Physics, Electrical Engineering, Chemistry, Geology, Cognitive Sciences, and other departments. The department also offers several different M.Sc. programs, including Computer Science, Computational Biology, Cyber Security, and AI and Autonomous systems. All undergraduate and graduate programs provide carefully blend of solid theoretical foundations with exposure to practical issues and broadly applicable ideas in computer science. As a result, our graduates are highly valued in industry and in top universities worldwide.

Research in the department spans all Computer Science research areas, with strong research groups exist in Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science, AI and Intelligent systems, Visual Computing, Systems, Scientific Computing, Networks, Communication and Distributed systems, Cryptography and Cybersecurity, and others. While basic research is the main objective of all groups, the department takes it seriously to lead BGU’s mission of developing the Negev by leveraging the role of Computer Science in the collaboration between Academia and the High Tech sector. With the emergence of the Advanced Technology Park and the anticipated relocation of many elite IDF Technological units next to BGU, growing volume of translational research and collaborations with local and global industrial powers all join the research activities of our department researchers.

The Department of Computer Science is located in the Alon High-Tech Building, where it moved in 2006. With the additional expected growth in faculty and research labs, plans for relocation to a completely new facility in the anticipated BGU ​Northern Campus are underway and expected within several years. ​