​​​​​​​​​The M.Sc program in the Computer Science department is designated to be completed in two years.

In addition to the general  M.Sc. degree in computer science, the department offers a number of special M.Sc. tracks for students with special interests in the areas of Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence and Autonomic Systems, and Bioinformatics.

In all cases, the degree granted will be an M.Sc. in Computer Science with specialization in the chosen area. The general requirements for all of these tracks are identical: courses worthy of 24-27 points, and the writing of a research thesis. The main difference between the different tracks is that the students are expected to focus in their choice of electives on a smaller subset of courses and their thesis should be on a topic relevant to their track. In addition, because these tracks are often multi-disciplinary, students may choose certain relevant courses taught by other departments, subject to their advisor’s approval.

The program is taught in Hebrew, and is aimed for fluent Hebrew speaking students. ​

Please see the M.Sc. catalog on the Faculty of Natural Sciences Website ​​for additional information (in Hebrew) on these tracks.​

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M.Sc. Milestones

For the Graduate studies milestones please follow this link​.