The Department of Computer Science offers graduate programs leading to M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees. Studying for a graduate degree in the Computer Science Department is an excellent opportunity to enrich your knowledge, work on central problems in the forefront of today's research and to come up with ideas for startups.  The program is built to nurture professionals that can take on central positions in the hi-tech industry, academia, and research institutes. The students in the program get to deepen their knowledge through advanced courses and conducting cutting-edge research. The department hosts excellent researchers in a variety of theoretical and applicative fields, such as:

> Machine Learning
> Cyber Security
> Artificial Intelligence
> Data Science
> Theory of Computer Science
> Computer Vision
> Bioinformatics
> and many more

The students are the companions and the right-hands of the faculty members in research in the department, and they enjoy a supportive and fruitful atmosphere. Students get to travel to conferences, present their work, and establish connections around the world.

Financial Support - M.Sc.

The Computer Science Department offers financial support for M.Sc. students, subject to funding availability. The support package consists of:

> full coverage of the tuition
> scholarship
> salary for working as teaching assistants

Getting the scholarship requires and enables the students to devote most of their time to academic studies and research. Teaching gives the students the valuable experience of presenting and delivering complicated material. For more details please contact

For more information on scholarships see the university scholarships webpages: General scholarships, M.Sc. Scholarships.

Admission Requirements​

Holders of a certified bachelor degree whose undergraduate program included the required courses in computer science, and whose grade average is at least 80, will be considered for acceptance. Note that the actual acceptance threshold may be higher than 80. Excellent candidates holding bachelor degrees in related areas may be admitted "on condition" for a semester or two, doing complementary courses, before joining the department as full-time students. For any questions you can contact the Graduate Students Affairs Coordinator, Mrs. Roni Yoeli, or the Graduate Committee Chairperson Dr. Gera Weiss.


Registration takes place through the university's registration web site.​