Choosing an adviser

Choosing an adviser is an important and non-trivial task. The students should consider the choice of adviser mostly based on their interest in the adviser’s research field. Mutual chemistry between the student and adviser should also play an important role in this decision. Students are advised to meet with potential advisers as soon as possible, take their elective courses, and read their papers and lecture notes to get familiar with the advisers and their research.



The thesis embodies a significant piece of research under the direction of one of the faculty members. An M.Sc. research usually involves a survey of the current literature, development of some new algorithm, technique or model and the implementation of a prototype. Most M.Sc. theses result in one or more conference papers, and frequently in a scientific journal publication. The department has research activities in all major areas of Computer Science. For possible research areas see our research page.

Administrative requirements and forms

More information and guidance (in hebrew) can be found in the faculty website:

Roadmaps in M.Sc. research.

Guidelines for finalizing the M.Sc. degree.

Forms for an M.Sc. degree