The Computation Center system installs and maintains five public classrooms, four of which are on the fourth floor of Building 35 (Classes 401, 402, 403, and 404) and one in Building 34 (Class 310). 
In addition, the Computation Center operates and maintains self-learning and exercise study classes at the Student Building 70 (Class -121 and Class 218), Building 35 (Class 001), Dormitories D (555, 560), Beit Haias (H3 Room 632) and Dormitories Gimmel( Buildinhg75) .

The software installed on the computers  in the classrooms are managed by Michael Luber, Head of Personal Computing section, in the computation center department Phone 086461591, e-mail:
On technical issues contact Pini Cizer Or Ilan Kdoshai telephone: 086461590​  ,​ 

Behavior and use of public computers

The use of the computers is in accordance with BGU computing regulations..
When you are finished, please save the files to DiskOnKey or drive "S". Files saved on other computer internal locations are deleted when you exit the computer
For late workers please pay attention! The computers are automatically turned off at 02:00 AM and are turned on at 07:00 AM. Times can change in the future, please read the message at logon for updates.
Read the instructions on the tablets in the classrooms.
Logoff must be performed upon completion of work.
Do not turn off computers when work is done.
It is forbidden to bring food and drinks into the classroom.
It is forbidden to disconnect computers from the network and to connect laptops or other Internet devices in their place.

General Notes:

The classrooms are open 24 hours a day.

The above classes serve as classrooms and practice.

Order a class for a lesson in the hours section, internal telephone: 086461032

While class is booked for class please do not disturb.

Building Classes 34 3rd Floor, PC Classes

Room: 310 - 43 computers

 Building Classes 35 Fourth Floor, PC Classes

Room: 401-41 computers
Room: 402-41 computers,
Room: 403-41 computers
Room: 404-35 computers.​



A computer class in Building 75

The new D Homes

2 classrooms in rooms 555, 560.

The Haias House

Building H3 Room 632 - The class is active between 18:00 and 8:00.