Nov. 29, 2016
Dr. David Zarrouk and his students won two prizes for best article presented by a student at the 34th Israeli Mechanical Engineering Conference recently. Two hundred research studies were presented and researchers from universities, colleges and industry took part in the conference held at the Technion.
Masters student Nir Dagani took home first place for best article for his study of the SAW robot. It is the first single motor wavelike motion robot in the world.

An article about a new unique robot for treating brain tumors through the insertion of a 4 mm needle took third place. Technion doctoral student Hadas Ziso and Prof. Moshe Shoham in collaboration with Prof. Menashe Zaaroor of Rambam Hospital and Dr. Zarrouk all collaborated to design the new robot.

Zarrouk is a member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and head of the Bioinspired and Medical Robotics Laboratory.  
First Place: Dr. David Zarrouk and Nir Dagani



Third Place: Dr. David Zarrouk and Hadas Ziso