Mar. 07, 2019


Some 50 BGU students recently completed the University's first tri-faculty course, entitled Faculty, Entrepreneurship and Innovation for Solving Challenges in Health and Medical Systems

The course, led by Dr. Stav Ro​senzweig of the Department of Management, Dr. Yair Sadka and Dr. Kinneret Oren of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Prof. Amir Shapiro, Director of the BGU Robotics Laboratory in the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ms. Dana Gavish Friedman, VP Entrepreneurship at BGN, BGU's Technology Transfer Company, and Ms. Dana Rubin, a teaching assistant in the Department of Computer Science, was the result of a unique collaboration between the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management, the Faculty of Engineering Sciences and the Faculty of Health Sciences. 

At the conclusion of the program, during which students were tasked with developing ideas and technological responses to key challenges in hospitals and health systems in Israel and around the world, first place was awarded to Leah Tene and Tani Levi Arush of the Faculty of Health Sciences, Yanai Ankoa of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management and Ella Koren and May Niv of the Faculty of Engineering for their BROLLY project. The device they created for the treatment of uterine prolapse is a self-contained, easy-to-use reusable device that is adapted to the woman's body and needs, easy to use and allows surgery to be avoided. 

In second place, members of the SmartER team developed a smart automated system to be placed at the entrance to emergency rooms to assess patients' medical condition based on a series of clinical indicators. Using an algorithm, the system will triage patients according to the urgency of treatment. 

Third place was awarded to TUBE IT, a home urine test to diagnose urinary tract infections in a few minutes. The innovative test will connect to a HMO's information systems, prevent unnecessary antibiotics and reduce suffering by slashing the time it takes to diagnose an infection 

Prof. Amos Katz, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences: "Promoting innovation and innovation is one of the main strategic goals of the Faculty of Health Sciences, which is part of a comprehensive program of the Faculty for the expansion of teaching in the field of entrepreneurship and is paving the way for further cooperation in the future. The course is the opening shot for other joint processes, in the world of medicine and medical scientific research, which will lead us towards a fascinating future in the worlds of innovation. " 

Prof. Miki Malul, Dean of the Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business and Management (GGFBM): "This course is part of the GGFBM curriculum, and we are proud of this unique course that enables students to experience complex problem solving while working in diverse teams. The course is innovative and significant both in terms of business and potential contribution to society. " 

Above: The BROLLY team won first place, pictured together with Dean of the GGFBM Prof. Miki Malul, BGU Rector Prof. Haim Hames and Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences Prof. Amos Katz.