Aug. 01, 2019


This summer, for the first time, BGU is holding six different summer programs in parallel: Hebrew Ulpan, The German program, and four academic summer programs – two of them at the Marcus Family Campus (Global health and Data Mining), and two of them in Sede Boqer (IBEX and Sustainable Agriculture Solutions).

touring the old city 

Touring the old city of Beer-Sheva

touring the old city 

Every year, as part of the program, the Office of International Academic Affairs organizes the International Study Fair, aimed at giving the students a glimpse of the vast opportunities to study for advanced degrees at BGU.

The 2019 event kicked off at the W.A. Minkoff Senate Hall, with a presentation on the University and its different faculties, and was followed by a fair where over 100 students from the academic summer programs met with researchers. There was a lot of interest ub these meetings among the students, mostly from the fields of engineering, natural sciences, health and agriculture.

The Office of International Academic Affairs is thankful to the researchers that gave of their valuable time to expose the international students to the excellent research opportunities that are open to them at BGU, and enabled them to meet first-class researchers in person.​

the International Study Fair The International Study Fair​​

The Office of International Academic Affairs invites all faculty members interested in internationalization to schedule a meeting to hear about its activities and to share your ideas and initiatives. To schedule a meeting, please contact: ​