Jun. 27, 2021

​​HackIDC​, the biggest student hackathon in Israel, was held on Thursday, June 3rd 2021. The hackathon was initiated and run by students of the Efi Arazi School of Computer Science at IDC Herzliya and was open to students from all Israeli academic institutes.  Several students from BGU participated in the competition and won the first places.

On top of the general competition, in which 300 students took part and were divided into 60 teams, there were also 4 specific challenges held by "Tambour" and "Bituach Yashir".

The hackathon's competition judging committee included key figures in the hi-tech industry, such as: Dov Moran, one of Israel's most prominent hi-tech leaders, entrepreneurs and investors, mostly known as the inventor of the USB Flash Drive, Dr. Dorit Dor, Vice President of Products at Check Point, Yuval Barkan, Vice President of Technology at NSO Group, Michal Kahan, Co-Founder and former VP of Sales at Dune Networks (acquired by Broadcom as one of Israel's first exits) , and Eyal Shpin, Deputy CTO at ZoomInfo. Representatives from Amazon, Wix and other key companies also took part in the judging committee.

The first-place of the general competition was won by team ARe-Paint, who participated in the "Tambour" challenge. Among the team members were Roy Elia, B.Sc graduate in Software Engineering שא BGU and Amit Mazuz, B.Sc graduate in Software Engineering and current M.Sc student in the department of Software and Information Systems Engineering שא BGU.

The team developed an AR application based on several computer vision algorithms, which can be used on any device with internet connection and a camera. The application enables the user to aim the camera at any surface, and receive the surface's exact color shade out of Tambour's color palette, with no effect of lighting, shading, photo angle, camera quality, etc. The application lets the user save the color shade he has sampled, and then screen it on any wall of surface, simulating how the surface will look and if the shade matches the furniture and overall atmosphere. 

The third place of the general competition was won by team SurveyVision, who participated in the "Bituach Yashir" challenge. The team members included Batel Shkolnik, a B.Sc student in software engineering at BGU, and Omri Gal Shenhav, Roy Amoyal and Koren Abitbul, B.Sc students in Computer Science at BGU.

The team developed a friendly application for structure and content household insurance customers, in which they can access all their insurance details. As part of this solution, the team developed a sophisticated algorithm that receives images of the household content and accurately identifies the product and its value, using computer vision and image processing. The algorithm retrieves information from a data base which refreshes regularly through online Ecommerce shops such as Amazon and Zap. This is intended to allow insurance companies to free themselves from the dependency on physical review of the households.


The winners of the "Tambour" challenge were team FigureMeOut. The team members included Yonathan Wolloch, Yair Zederman and Aviv Ozalvo, all B.Sc students in the department of Computer Science (data science track) at BGU, and Sahar Baribi and Or Oxenberg, both M.Sc students in the department of Software and Information Systems Engineering at BGU.

The team developed an application for color identification, which allows users to easily and quickly receive the most accurate color sample with no environmental and/or device related distorting effects. The application combines an innovative personalized AI model, based on a global mega-model using over 120,000 color samples.

Team BETer, comprised of women only, made it to the final seven teams. Eden Holin, a B.Sc student in the departments of Computer Science and Philosophy at BGU, was a member of this team.