Oct. 25, 2020

BGU's Dept. of Economics achieved impressive success this year, when 95% of its students who took the Israel CPA Council's accreditation test passed. The rate is the highest in Israel for those students studying at a higher education institution.

The numbers speak for themselves: 63 economics students, out of a total of 66, passed. Other institutions lag far behind in the percentage of passing students.

The head of BGU's Dept. Of Economics, Prof. Danny Cohen- Zada, applauded those who were partners in the department's success: “The head of the program Dr. Koresh Galil (pictured above) has worked night and day to improve and make the program more efficient, and continue to adjust it according to state requirements. A special thank you goes to the rest of the lecturers and University administrators, including the Vice Rector Prof. Gal deBotton and Yossi Rokni, Deputy Director-General for Budgeting and Economic Planning. Without their understanding of the sensitivity of the special needs of the program, we would not have reached this achievement."