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Apr. 11, 2022

The Executive Committee of Ben-Gurion University has decided to stop investing in companies that produce oil and coal and move those investments and all future investments into alternative energies and investment vehicles governed by ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles. 

Moving investments to companies and vehicles that adhere to ESG guidelines will encourage companies to maximize good governance, safeguard the rights of their employees, and minimize their environmental impact. 

Yarom Ariav, chair of the University's Executive Committee, "This groundbreaking decision of the Executive Committee of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to invest the University's funds in environmentally responsible companies is part of a larger policy that is expressed through advanced research, faculty and student behaviors, and now an active investment policy initiated to cope with the climate crisis." 

Ben-Gurion University President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, "The climate crisis is at the top of our agenda as scientists and human beings. For that reason, Ben-Gurion University was the first in Israel to create an academic-scientific body for research and teaching of all environmental fields, when we established the School for Sustainability and Climate Change. Now we are taking it to another level in our efforts to protect the planet by deciding to focus our investments in accordance with ESG principles." ​

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