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Aug. 31, 2022

The ceremony dedicating the new home of the I​​DF Communications Branch School for Software and Cyber Security was held last week at the Advanced Technologies Park (ATP). 

BGU President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, head of the Communications Branch Col. Eran Niv, head of the Transfer South Administration in the Defense Ministry Alon Yifrach, Beer-Sheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, Gav-Yam Dir.-Gen. Avi Jacobovitz, guests, officers, and soldiers were in attendance.


The School's new location will enable collaboration with Ben-Gurion University and the hi-tech companies in the ATP. The School is the first of the Communications Branch units to move south as part of the national move to strengthen the Negev following the government's decision to move the IDF south. The branch's new main base is under construction alongside the ATP. The professional tracks of the school will be the 'entrance' to the world of software and cyber in the IDF. The move will assist in the preservation, development, and empowering of the technological human power in the IDF while creating opportunities and a space for new collaborations in the south.

Ben-Gurion University President Prof. Daniel Chamovitz, "I want to talk today about the people. First, I want to thank the IDF Chief of Staff. Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi who enabled and encouraged this process and for being the chief of staff who signed off on the transfer of the Communications Branch and Intelligence Branch to the Negev. I salute the members of the Communications Branch, led by Col. Eran Niv, who turned the dream into reality. They did so because they understood that this was a fulfillment of the will of the first prime minister of Israel David Ben-Gurion and because they see the connection between the technology units and Ben-Gurion University alongside industry in our Advanced Technologies Park as an ecosystem where everyone profits for the glory of the State of Israel. The soldiers and officers understanding of the significance of their transition testifies that they are indeed walking the path laid out by David Ben-Gurion."

IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, "From the day a decade ago that the first seeds of thought were planted to accelerate the shifting of IDF bases to the Negev, through today and into the future, the IDF supported and supports, pushed and will push to realize the vision and move bases and soldiers to the Negev. Since its establishment, the IDF has placed many of its bases and units in the Negev, and in the last decade, the transition to the south has accelerated. The Training Campus was created and thousands of soldiers go through its gates annually; the Air Force combined Base 27 and Base 28 at Nevatim, most of the training of combat support soldiers moved south, and then the Communications Branch and the Intelligence Branch joined the process. These are steps that testify as 1000 witnesses that words and plans do indeed become actions, and just recently we laid the cornerstone for the main Military Intelligence base to be built in the south. Our deep commitment to strengthening the Negev led us to the conclusion that we should move up the planned schedule for moving the Communications Branch south and start the transfer as quickly as possible. A more than yearlong effort, not without its difficulties, the fruit of our insistence has ripened and today we are dedicating the transfer of the first unit of 1000 service people to Beer-Sheva." 

Beer-Sheva Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, "Today we are taking the first step in a shared history, with the entry of the Communications Branch's School to the new building in the Advanced Technologies Park. I want to thank IDF Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi, who was attentive when the initiative was placed before him, at the height of the corona pandemic, immediately gave the order to turn this dream into a moving reality. We welcome the soldiers and officers to Beer-Sheva and are confident that they will enjoy becoming part of the special social fabric of the city and will contribute significantly to the security of the State of Israel." 

Gav-Yam Dir.-Gen. Avi Jacobovitz, "We have before us today a process of national and historic significance and a central and strategic reason for creating the high-tech park 'Gav-Yam Negev' – the opening of the School of Software and Cyber Security of the Communications Branch in the heart of the park. 'Gav-Yam Negev' is an expression of innovation in every sense of the word, a global technological vision is being realized in Beer-Sheva. The Park houses approximately 70 Israeli and multi-national corporations, some of whom are world leaders. With its completion, the park will cover 200,000 square meters and more than 10,000 employees will work there at an investment of approximately NIS 1.5 billion. The IDF's entry into the space will catalyze a new ecosystem in the Negev, which will produce meaningful collaborations and a new technological reality."

Head of the Communications Branch, Col. Eran Niv, "We are privileged to place today another brick in the move to strengthen the Negev, to secure its future, and to realize the vision. This move transforms this lovely region of the country into the home of more and more central units of the IDF. The Communications and Cyber Security Branch is proud to launch the new home of the new School in the Negev." 

Head of the Transfer South Administration in the Defense Ministry, Alon Yifrach, "The Administration of the transfer south leads the establishment of Southern Command headquarters and the communications campus in Beer-Sheva and the intelligence campus adjacent to the Omer industrial park as part of the national project of transferring strategic IDF units to the Negev. The transfer of the School for Computer Professions, as a pioneering force, enables the communications branch to create the needed connections with the Negev space, and to gradually manage the great challenge of transferring the technological human power south."