Oct. 31
- Nov. 25


The Student Union has prepared for you simple, convenient, and easy guides that will allow you to receive tax deductions, upload a multi-line student profile, social security arrangements, change the name of the holders of the water bills – online and simple.

Unlike previous years, we have provided you with forms that will replace the meeting with a lawyer.

Yes, yes, there is no need to make an appointment with a lawyer, you can get the discounts without getting up from the couch. So go ahead, take a few minutes and close the bureaucratic corners.

Please note ♥ "Bureaucracy Month" will be held on 31.10-25.11 

During the month, the following representatives will come to campus:

Municipality – Arrangement of property tax deduction 

Lawyer – Signature of affidavits (although can still be set for attorney Tuesday ☻)

Social Security Bituach Leumi- settling debts, updating status, etc.

So Yalla, within minutes all your bureaucratic tasks can be done!

Further ​details on the Student Union webpage