Dec. 12
- Dec. 14

Oren Events Hall, Kreitman Building (#26), Marcus Family Campus, BGU
Maiersdorf Faculty Club, Room 405, Mount Scopus Campus, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The Center for Austrian and German Studies at BGU together with the Jacob Robinson Institute at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem cordially invites you to an International Conference: 

Anno 1922: Central Europe Between Old and New Order​


​Day 1 - BGU  

10:30-11:00 Reception & Greetings

11:00-13:00 SESSION I: ECONOMY, Karine van der Beek, Beer-Sheva

Benjamin Vogt, Oxford
Transnational Finance of Reconstruction: From the League Loans to the Dawes Plan

Johannes Gleixner, Munich
“Currency Experiments" and “Schildbürgerstreiche": The Monetary Disentanglement and Re-Entanglement of Czechoslovakia

Jerzy Łazor, Warsaw
“L'impérialisme du pauvre": France and its Eastern European Clients

Cristiano La Lumia, Naples
Stabilizing Post-Imperial Spaces: The German-Polish Convention on Upper Silesia

13:00-14:30 Lunch

14:30-17:30 SESSION II: AUSTRIA, Mark Gelber, Beer-Sheva

Christopher Wendt, Florence
Post-Imperial Austrian Tyrol: On Faith, Nation, and Region

Niall Buckley, Dublin
Reforming Reform: Ignaz Seipel's Austrian Counter-Revolution

Christian Fleck, Vienna
Divided: The Austrian Labor Movement

16:00-16:30 Coffee break

Dagmar Wernitznig, Ljubljana
Gender and Order: The Travel Log of Sarah Wambaugh

Wilfried Göttlicher, Graz
The “Future of the Nation": School Reform between Old and New Order​

For further information and details of days 2 and 3 of the conference, please click here