The Guilford Glazer Faculty of Business & Management GGFBM serves as a foundation and inspiration for the Israeli business leadership of the 21st century. The Faculty promotes the development of advanced management reasoning, to instill innovative management skills and knowledge. GGFBM's diverse departments and programs offer a wide range of BA, MA and PhD degrees. The curriculums are structured and planned to provide the best possible management training and to equip our students to cope with the business challenges they will be facing throughout the frequently changing local and global business and management world and its varying sectors. The thousands of GGFBM graduates who have joined all avenues of management in Israel and abroad are a source of great pride for us.

The GGFBM champions commitment to social and environmental responsibility, responding to the specific challenges of the Negev region as well as to global development. This vision attracts researchers and students with original, resourceful entrepreneurial reasoning along with a social conscience and civic involvement. As such, the faculty and staff aspire to cultivating graduates who forge a better world through better management ethics and practices, with a strong foundation in the dynamic studies of the different GGFBM degree programs.