​​GGFBM Senior Faculty 2018-19 תשע"ט

Positions and Committee Appointments

                               GGFBM Leadership



Prof. Miki Malul

Chair, Department of Management; Chair, Executive Programs

Dr. Mosi Rosenboim

Chair, Department of Hotel & Tourism Management

Prof. Yaniv Poria

Chair, Department of Public Policy and Administration

Prof. Pierre Kletz

Chair, Department of Health Systems Management

Prof. Dan Greenberg

Chair, Department of Business Administration

Prof. Rachel Barkan

Director, Mandel Social Leadership MBA Program

Prof. Pierre Kletz

Faculty Executive Administrative Director

Ms Mira Golomb


Appointments on Academic Executive Committees

BGU Central Coordinating CommitteeProf. Miki Malul
BGU Senate Committee for Supreme AppointmentsProf. Ofer Azar

BGU Subcommittee for Appointments





Subst. Senate Rep


Prof. Miki Malul

Prof. Oded Lowengart

Prof. Rachel Barkan

Prof. David Brock

Prof. Miki Bar-Eli

BGU Committee for Consolidating Academic Bylaws, Faculty Rep in SenateProf. Yotam Lurie
BGU Research Committee

Dr. Hila Riemer

Prof. Nurit Zeidman

BGU Student Disciplinary CourtProf. Dan Greenberg
BGU Faculty Disciplinary Court​Prof. Miki Bar-Eli
BGU Appeals Court for Faculty Members, Senate Rep.Prof. Ilanit Madar-Gavius
BGU Ethics Committee Faculty Rep
Dr. Dina Van Dijk

BGU Ethics Committee, sub
Dr. Amir Shani
BGU Ombudsman for Faculty MembersEmer. Prof. David Frenkel
BGU Supervision Committee
BGU Library CommitteeProf. Ilanit Madar-Gavius
Computer Policy CommitteeDr. Hagai Katz
BGU Committee for University Research CentersProf. Yotam Lurie
GGFBM Ethics Committee for Human-based Research

Prof. Rachel Barkan

SenateProf. Miki Malul

Prof. David Brock
SenateDr. Daniel Shapira


GGFBM Appointments
GGFBM Committee for the Advancement of E-LearningProf. Haim Kedar-Levy
GGFBM International Relations CommitteeProf. David Brock
Chair of MBA Programs for ExecutivesDr. Yotam Lurie
Chair of International MBADr. Yotam Lurie
BGU Selection Committee for New Faculty CandidatesProf. Haim Kedar-Levy
Committee for Social Involvement Scholarships Dr. Fany Yuval
Chair of Hotel and Tourism Program, Eilat CampusProf. Natan Uriely
Head of MBA Program, Eilat CampusProf. Ilanit Madar-Gavius
Head of Management Program, Eilat CampusDr. Simone Moran
GGFBM Academic Coordinator for Management Division at Achva CollegeDr. Mosi Rosenboim
BGU Israel Air Force Academization Program, Head of Management DivisionProf. Haim Kedar-Levy
BGU Academic Steering Committee for Accessibility to Higher Education ProgramDr. Hagai Katz
BGU Websites Steering CommitteeProf. Ofer Azar
GGFBM Computer Co​​mmittee

Prof. Miki Malul

Dr. Hagai Katz

Mira Golomb

Leonid Paster

GGFBM Rep. re Army Reserve ServiceDr. Daniel Shapira
GGFBM Academic Coordinator for Atidim Public Policy ProgramDr. Mosi Rosenboim
Student Projects in Industry

Dr. Mosi Rosenboim

Prof. Avishay Goldberg

GGFBM Ethics Committee

Dr. Amos Schurr

Dr. Dina Van Dijk

Green CampusOfir Rubin
Physical Education and Sports CommitteeProf. Michael Bar-Eli
Criteria for Academic Promotion CommitteeProf. Joseph Pliskin
Head of Public Policy & Administration Program, Eilat CampusDr. Ofir Rubin

GGFBM Research Committee



Dr. Hila Reimer

Prof. Nurit Zaidman

Dr. Dina Van Dijk

Dr. Alon Lisak

Dr. Galia Fuchs

Dr. Fany Yuval

Mira Golomb

GGFBM Teaching Committee



Prof. Rachel Barkan

Dr. Yaron lahav

Dr. Tzahit Simone-Tuval

Dr. Ofir Rubin

Dr. Galia Fuchs

Dr. Uriel Haran

Ms Mira Golomb

Chair of Pedagogy Committee for MBA Program in Social LeadershipDr. Yaron Lahav
GGFBM Dean of Students CommitteeProf. Ofer Azar
GGFBM Exceptions and Suitability CommitteeProf. Yaniv Poria
GGFBM Selection Committee for Excelling Environmental Scientist

Prof. Nurit Zaidman

Dr. Stav Rosenzweig

Eilat Campus Administration Prof. Yaniv Poria
Tikva Yisraelit in Academics CommitteeDr. Hagai Katz
Grading Management System CommitteeDr. Hila Riemer
GGFBM Rep on Committee for the Advancement of Women in AcademicsDr. Hila Riemer