​Alexa Yellin, the Faculty's first Executive Administrator, was a most distinctive and inspiring individual in the founding and development of the Faculty of Business and Management, her mark recognized to this day. 


After a diverse and successful career as lieutenant colonel in the IDF, she received her BSc and MSc in the Department of Industrial Engineeri​ng at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev.  She then became the Department Engineer, focusing primarily on creating information systems technology as an inherent component.

When the School of Management (today the GGFBM) was founded in 1996, Alexa played a major role in its establishment, planning and implementing the school’s work procedures. She became the School’s first Executive Administrator.

Due to her management and organizational acumen, as well as her rare technological abilities, Alexa succeeded in building an exemplary organizational fiber with built-in pioneering information systems, soon after replicated in other BGU faculties. Among other achievements, she was the first to establish a “paperless office,” and she developed the automated student records system. She was also the first to install advanced clerical programs for daily use.