Giving and volunteering in the Israeli public 
 In 1999 the Center published a comprehensive survey report examined the patterns of giving and volunteering of the Israeli public. Recently we published research findings also about giving and volunteering patterns of the Arab community in Israel. As part of the multi-year work of the center, we decided to make a regular two-year study of philanthropy patterns, Israel. Whenever the research will include a survey of giving and volunteering patterns among adult Jewish population, and from time to time be added that other elements philanthropy different population groups, donations from major donors, contributions in the workplace, properties and other donors. 
The current round of The survey was carried out in December 2006 and the findings will be published in 2007. Initial findings from the survey were presented at a conference center in March 2007. 
E. Levinson, previously made by the center's research on food groups, it carries out research, accompanied by Dr. Hagai Katz.  The lender study steering committee whose members Prof. Benny Wren, Dr. Alon Lazar's research team was the previous survey, and Mrs. Irit Tamir, who runs the organization shares.  Research funding generously fund can be her grandfather, London.


Patterns of giving and volunteering in the Israeli public in 2006 
The issue of the Israeli public philanthropy came in full force this year on the public agenda following the Second Lebanon War. 
Comprehensive survey conducted by the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research analyzes in depth and volume patterns giving and volunteering of the Jewish public in Israel in 2006, and is the most comprehensive document written about this important phenomenon in Israel. 
The report analyzes the findings and survey of great importance for organizations that want to improve their ability to raise funds and volunteers, and all attempts to understand and recognize the philanthropic activity in Israeli society. For details: 08-6472323,

Download / View preliminary finding (Hebrew)


The satellite account of the third sector   
One of the insights of international comparative research project of the Third Sector University Johns Hopkins University, Center staff attended, was that unless the systems will be developed allowing continuous data collection and regular information gathered in the project will be a one-off episode and transient.  As a result, developed in cooperation with project managers    Operation with the statistics department of the United Nations, the guide for the preparation of expense Satellite third sector within the framework of the National Accounts conducted by the statistical offices of national around the world. Experience gained in Israel can the Central Bureau of Statistics and the assistance of the Center to participate in development and testing of an account satellite. However, the work done in the project Hopkins and later preparatory stage for writing guide the satellite account was not an organized continuity. As a result, the Center initiated a collaboration with CBS initial editing Israeli satellite account, and to lay a foundation of the methodology and information systems allow production of the satellite account regularly every two or three years.  On the project center responsible Yael Alon Dr. Hagai Katz, on CBS leads the work Ms. Nava Brenner macroeconomic boot the office. Funding for the project was received Meyerhoff Foundation in Baltimore. 

"The Third Sector 2004" - Dr. Hagai Katz and Nava Brenner (Hebrew)
Survey of Income and Non-Profit Institutions (Hebrew)
Global Civil Society Yearbook 
Global Civil Society Yearbook is currently the world's leading publication on the subject.  The project is Civil Society Research Center at the University of California at Los Angeles and the center of global governance studies at the School of Economics in London. The project is published every year in the total theoretical and empirical discussion of globalization of civil society, and the role and characteristics of global civil society changing our world. Stipulated chief editors They Yearbook of Prof. Helmut Anheir University of California, Los Angeles, and Professor Mary Kaldor Dr. Arliss Glsios London School of Economics. 
Yearbook two main components, the first part includes essays by writers taking turns on various issues of global civil society, and the second part contains statistical information and research on global civil society, global governance and globalization in general. 
The last two years of his stay in Los Angeles Value Dr. Hagai Katz, the second part of the yearbook, and continues to do so while working in the center.  Our study author Dr. Katz annually article on the methodology of the study of global civil society, and with Ms. Hila Yogev produces tables, maps and charts on global civil society, global governance and globalization. 
Cohorts are accessible online at the project
The project is funded by the Center for the Study of Civil Society at the University of California, Los Angeles