The information in the database is derived from sources such as the Registrar of Nonprofit Societies, and the Income Tax Authority. In addition, center researchers classify the organizations according to various categories based upon the organizations declared goals and chosen name. The collection of all such data and the integration among them allows us to perform a wide array of data analyses.

The central classification carried out by database researchers is according to the organization's field of operations. Each organization's activities are divided into 12 primary fields of operations. These categories were determined according to the international classification system for nonprofit organizations developed by John Hopkins University. Primary fields of operations are subdivided into secondary categories.  These secondary categories were also formed according to the international standard and adapted to the Israeli reality and the specific context that such organizations exist in Israel.

For your convenience, it is possible to access the primary and secondary category definitions as well as to see examples of organizations that correspond to each category.

Database researchers perform additional classifications according to categories such as nationality, religion and target population. Other characteristics that are included in the database and received from external sources include year of establishment and settlement. Thus, we are able to perform data analysis utilizing all the categories and additional parameters.

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