The Israeli Center for Third Sector Research enables researchers, Governmental authorities and others working in the fields of policy and social action to receive information from the Center's database. Following is a description of how the bank may be accessed and utilized.  Information in the database may be accessed using the category descriptions and characteristics.

Description of the information in the database: 

Organizations in the database
The database contains data about all nonprofit societies and additional nonprofit organizations (companies for public service and trusts) that were registered until the end of 2007.

Field of operations
The organizations are categorized according their field of operations, based on the organizational goals. Categories were selected in accordance with the international nonprofit organization classification system. Among the 12 central fields of operation are education and welfare. Each field is further divided into subfields.

Additional categories and parameters
The organizations are classified according to additional categorical systems such as nationality, target population, type of activities as well as community and status.

Public institutions
The database contains information about all organization that received public institution status until the end of 2007, according to paragraph 46 of the Income Tax Regulations.

Governmental allocations
The database contains information about Government allocations to organizations as a result of support, contracts, and payments according to law and the Estate Committee payments between the years 1997-2002.

Salary payments
The database contains information about organizational salary payments between the years 1994-2005. It is possible to provide within the limitations of protection of privacy. 

The services:

Data analysis
Data analysis of groups of nonprofit organizations according to the international fields of operations categories as well as the categories and parameters delineated in the paragraph entitled, Description of the Information in the Database. It is possible to derive a sample of specific organizations from within the research group.

Organization lists
It is possible to receive detailed information about organizations in a defined group, according to field of activities (on the level of four digits) or according to a specific community. The client needs to specify the request, and additional subdivisions are necessary (according to the described in Additional categories and parameters), according to need.

Specific data will include the following information:
Number of entity, name, goal, year of establishment, central and secondary fields of activities. Additional information as described in Additional categories and parameters will be provided according to request.

In any event, the lists will not include more than 10% of the organizations in the database or 20% of those in a specific field, according to whichever is lower. The Center reserves the right to limit the number of organizations included in the list, according to the exclusive consideration of the Center's director.

The information will be sent via email in an EXCEL file.

Prior to a written request, it is possible to consult with the database manager, Mr. Yoel Balbachan, Monday 9:00-11:00, Tuesday and Wednesday between 9:00 and 15:00. Telephone: 08-6477565 or Email:

A. Analysis of information in the database on behalf of researchers

Up to one hour of work   1,000NIS
Each additional hour      400 NIS

B. Organizational lists

Lists up to:
50 organizations                    150 NIS
100 organizations       250 NIS
200 organizations       500 NIS
500 organizations    1,000 NIS
More than 500 organizations   2,000 NIS

Corrections in the original analysis will be carried out for no additional charge.
Additional analyses will be charged according to the hour.

Students enrolled in institutes of higher learning who need access to information for study purposes will be entitled to receive database services for a nominal fee of 100 NIS per hour or any part thereof, beginning from the first hour of use.

Terms of payment
1. At the time of the initial service order the client will provide a signed payment commitment.
2. Fees must be paid in full, via check written on behalf of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, within two weeks of receipt of services, in accordance with the accepted guidelines of the University.
3. The fee is determined according to the list of fees appearing in the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research's website on the day that the payment commitment is provided. 
Conditions for receiving services
1. Data production will be carried out exclusively by database employees. Clients may not directly access the database.
2. The database staff reserves the right to refuse specific analyses or to suggest modifications to clients' requested analyses.
3. Exceptional or irregular data analysis will be approved exclusively by the director of the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research.
4. Information derived from the database may not be utilized for any purpose other than that depicted by the client at the time of the application and will not be sold or distributed for any other purposes.
5. The Israeli Center for Third Sector Research and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev are not responsible for the accuracy of information derived from the database.
6. Any publications utilizing information derived or relying on the database must specifically indicate that the information was derived from the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research database.
7. Data analysis performed remains the property of the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research regardless of whether the client paid a fee for the service.
8. The Center reserves the right to use the data analyses subject to accepted standards regarding originality. Together with this, the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research will not make use of specific data analysis prior to intended use by the client.

For further information please contact us:

Telephone: 972-8-6472323