Due to Stop receiving updated data from the Registrar of Associations, 
The database is out of date and therefore will not be provided from the database information services until further notice.  

Characterization of the third Hhmgzr organizations Israeli authorities - Presentation "mix of organizations" - Joel Blbtz'n (Hebrew)
Ethiopian community in Israel from a different point - data from the database - Joel Blbtz'n  (Hebrew)
The database of the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research: 
The Israeli Center for Third Sector Research Consortium database operator data on non-profit organizations operating in Israel.
The database has data on about 43,000 non-profit organizations registered by the end of 2007.
About 60% of the organizations are existing organizations, and other organizations have ceased to exist.
This database is a unique source of information in the country thanks to its ability to integrate the data three types of sources: 

A.  Registrar and Registrar of Trusts provide data for the registration of non-profit organizations that are bound by law, including information on the organization's name, year of establishment, address, purpose of the organization, and more. 

B.  Government units provide information about workers' wage payments sector organizations, the list of eligible organizations exemption on donations, and government payments to various types of associations. 
C.  Center researchers classified the organizations under different categories most important of which is classified by category of action, in accordance with the international classification of Johns Hopkins University developed. 
The interfaces between the data from the various sources allow to offer unique information to applicants from various fields, information that is not available to any other party. 
The database was established to serve the public academic researchers.  In view of its uniqueness and the lack of other sources of information, we cater well as officials, are active in political and social activism, business organizations wishing to help third sector organizations and third sector organizations themselves. 
Distribution of the organizations listed by category of action, 2005 

  * Others: environment, memorial, international organizations