Third sector organizations growing presence in Israeli society, which is reflected in the steadily rising number of active organizations and decentralization of the areas of their operation.
 Second Lebanon War in northern communities; have shown that one of the major problems which made it difficult for the local system's ability to meet the needs of the residents was the lack of knowledge among the leadership of local authorities regarding third sector organizations operating within their borders.

The information developed in order to complete the Israeli Center for Third Sector Research the 'mix' organizations.  Mix of organizations, based on the data base of the center, is a system that includes the number of third sector organizations in each community and their distribution by area of operation.
 The information will enable the local authority leaders to recognize the image of the third sector in their territory plan activities with reference to these organizations in normal times and in times of emergency and civil society development.



Organization Mix allows you to:

•  Find information about the composition of third sector organizations operating in the PA.
•  A comparison of the characteristics of the third sector with existing authority under other authorities.
•  Comparison with national and regional data.
•  Comparison with the corresponding average figures municipalities of similar size.
•  Comparison with the average figures authorities with the economic cluster - social.


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