pierre.jpgIn the public sector, New Public Management (NPM) has constituted a marked paradigm shift, applying the use of management skills and techniques conceived for the management of for-profit companies.

For several years, the question of how to apply management techniques to the third sector has been under consideration.

However, this reflection takes several forms. If before NPM, the public and private sectors each stood strong in their “splendid isolation”, meeting only in the context of their respective duties, the third sector, in essence, has had to work with both other sectors, which at once provoke and finance its activities.

All the same, the modes of operation of the management of the third sector are the subject of a small number of studies, which is why the Israeli Center for Third-Sector Research (ICTR) focuses on this field.

In particular, the question of the legitimacy of management teaching content for apprentice managers and managers of nonprofit organizations (what is taught and what should be taught) constitutes a primary focus for this research.

Moreover, the ICTR is a research center located on the outskirts of  Beer Sheva in Israel. Hence, the question of the specificity of the impact of nonprofit organizations in the suburban regions also constitutes a major research focus.

Professor Pierre Kletz
Director of ICTR
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev