Social Involvement of Young People - New Communities
A series of case studies of new communities (communities of young people that sit usually in poor neighborhoods and residents of outlying and engage in community activities around, for example rural students, young communities, Nuclear youth movements, etc.), using in-depth interviews with founders and focus groups with community members.
Researcher - Shelly Sharon 
Social Involvement of Young People - Young Social Entrepreneurs
A first qualitative study examines social entrepreneurs and community leaders young and new communities of young people in order to meet the unique characteristics of these entrepreneurs and initiatives, and whether we can learn from their experience to encourage other young people to be entrepreneurs and leaders in civil society. The study is based on in-depth interviews with young social entrepreneurs and community leaders, and their social shell - close friends and immediate family members.
Researcher - Avital Shlanger

Social Involvement of Young People –Involvement with Youth Community
Focus groups and a survey to examine the scale and frequency of philanthropic behavior formal and informal among youth in Israel and goals. The survey also transferred to the control group did not volunteer youth by sampling pairings.
Researcher - Dr. Uzi Sasson 
Social Responsibility of Business - Survey CSR management patterns of public firms
Research on patterns of social responsibility of business in Israel, through a survey firm managers and procedures of Community Relations: Analysis of organizational characteristics and business of managing corporate social responsibility, factors affecting the level of management and social responsibility of business, adoption and implementation of standards of Social and Environmental Reporting Israeli firms.
Researcher - Inbal Abu

Social responsibility of business - Index Stocks Analysis 'up'
Financial analysis - the impact of firm entry to Measure up 'on the stock. DJ. Comparison with the social aspect.
Researchers - Dr. Jeremy Joseph, Dr. Ilan Madar-Gbios, Zvi Amrussi

Employment, personnel and wages in the third sector - the labor market of Income
Research will examine patterns of employment, salary and personnel in the third sector, through secondary analysis of data from CBS, and detailed data on income tax for salaried non-profit organizations, to identify patterns of employment, wages, professional background, socio-demographic variables of employees , workplace satisfaction, job stability, work-related values, and other aspects that will help us to characterize the manpower third sector organizations in Israel.
Researchers - H. Katz, Hila Yogev

Relationship between volunteering and parameters political, social and economic events in Israel
Social Survey data analysis CBS 2003-2009 to examine the relationship between volunteering and political parameters, various social and economic: the link between employment and volunteerism, the relationship between satisfaction with government services and volunteerism, the relationship between raising children and volunteering. 
Researchers - H. Katz