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Jul. 23, 2023
Prof. Shapira researches the field of artificial intelligence in the Department of Software and Information Systems Engineering, and develops various methods of computational learning - a field that uses existing or acquired information to "teach" a computer to solve and improve in solving new problems. It has a large part in Ben-Gurion University being one of the leaders in Israel in what concerns technological research in the field of cyberspace, with an emphasis on the application of methods from the field of computational learning.

From 2021, she chaired the Academy Committee in the Council for the Advancement of Women in Science and Technology, which advises the Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology. At the same time, she serves as a member of the advisory committee in the association "Afik Ba Akademi" - the forum of university professorships.

In his words of blessing to Prof. Shapira, the Chairman of the National Assembly, Minister of Education Yoav Kish, said: "Prof. Bracha Shapira, who belongs to the ultra-Orthodox population, deserves to serve on the planning and budgeting committee, thanks in part to her rich academic experience, her expertise and research achievements in the field of artificial intelligence and her familiarity with the academic establishment."