For your convenience, you can find an explanatory letter about the closing of the degree at the Mtsab link:

​Graduation procedure 

A. Degree closure

1. Upon receipt of the final grade for the degree, the case must be closed. The file will be submitted for examination, following which a certificate of eligibility for the degree will be issued for you. The duration of treatment for closing the degree takes about t​wo days. Confirmation of eligibility for the degree will be sent to you by mail. Therefore, you must fill in your updated/accurate address for sending letters in the application for degree closure. The request to close the degree must be submitted in the forms system on the website of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences under the degree completion form.

2. Upon closing the case, you will cease t​o be students at the faculty. Therefore, be sure to check that all related processes have been completed before you ask to close a file: receiving answers to student requests, appealing grades or defining excess subjects. After the case is closed, no changes will be made to the grade sheet or the confirmation of eligibility for the degree.

3. Upon graduation, you are asked to settle financial debts, debts to the library and debts to the department. You will not be able to receive confirmation of eligibility for the degree, as long as you have not settled your debts.

4. Students who request to close their file after the date set by the Faculty of Engineering, will not be included in the graduate lists of the current cycle. Please act in accordance with the instructions of the Coordinator for Student Affairs at the Faculty of Engineering.​​

B. Obligations for graduation

1. You must complete the department's curriculum in its entirety.

2. If you studied another subject instead of a subject required in the curriculum, make sure that this was approved in writing by the teaching committee. If you did not study a substitute subject, you will not be able to finish the degree.

3. If you were accepted to study in the department after having previously studied in another department or in another institution, make sure that you have completed or been notified of an exemption (code 600) in all subjects that you were required to complete at the time of admission to studies. Written approval must be available from the student coordinator.

4. You must verify that you studied English at the "Advanced 2" level, or verify that you were reported "exempt" in the subject (code 600) if you completed it in another framework.

5. If you are new immigrants and immigrated to Israel within the five years preceding your admission to the university, you must complete Hebrew studies at level 6 in order to complete your degree.


C. Final Project
1. The grades of the fin​al project must reach the faculty, usually by the end of September. Please be updated on the website of the Faculty of Engineering, or at the coordinator of student affairs at the faculty. You must submit the project at a time that will allow the transfer of the grades at that time.

2. Being late in submitting the project will oblige you to register for the project again the following year and pay additional tuition (over (400%). Approval from the supervisor will not exempt you from registration and additional payment, but will serve as academic approval only for submitting the project late.

3. If there are any malfunctions during the execution of the project, which may cause a delay in the submission of the project, and which are not up to you, immediately notify the student secretariat in the faculty of this in writing. There they will try to help solve the problem and meet the schedule, as well as help exempt you from paying for the additional registration. The faculty will not process applications submitted retrospectively.

4. According to the faculty's procedures, there are no temporary grades, and project grades cannot be changed after the grade has been transferred to the faculty. Therefore, if you have agreed with the supervisor on the possibility of submitting a draft for comments and submitting a revised final version, make sure with him that the grade will be given to the faculty only when the final version is submitted, and on the condition that you meet the above-mentioned schedule.


D. Surplus professions
1. Authorized subjects During your studies, you were able to decide in advance on elective subjects that will be recognized as "authorized" subjects. These subjects are not part of the degree, they were not weighted in the different averages, but they appear on your grade sheet. An authorization course is a condition for recognition of this profession in graduate studies. Surplus courses, including recognized authority courses for the need to receive training compensation. Authority professions cannot be approved retrospectively.

2. Excess subjects Upon receiving all the grades, you can define regular elective subjects or general studies, which you studied in a larger number than required, as "excess" subjects. These subjects are weighted by the semester and current averages, but the cumulative average for the degree will not be weighted.

3. In advanced studies at the faculty, it is possible to request an exemption from courses and credits based on additional studies, but not with recognition of the grade (unlike authority courses). As mentioned, these courses are recognized as a reward for continuing education. You will not be able to define surplus subjects after you have been notified of the closure of the degree. Therefore, carefully check the forms you send to us for closing a degree.


E. honors degree
Outstanding students will be defined according to the average of their grades for the degree in relation to the grades of the other graduates of the same cohort. Therefore, the honors will not be recorded in the certificates of eligibility, the honors will be noted on the graduate certificate.

For your attention: Honors in the degree are determined according to a percentage of all graduates in the department with reference to the cumulative average only.

F. Travel form
In preparation for determining eligibility for the degree, the student must confirm the completion of his duties to the Department of Information Systems Engineering. The approval will be done using a computerized departmental "trips" form.

Please note - before filling out the "excursions" form, the student must take care of several details, as follows:

1. Upon completion of the final project, you must upload the project files to the project system:

Each project should be uploaded as follows:

A. A zip file containing the project files:

  The project book in PDF format
  The project presentation you used on the project day (in PPT/PPTX format)
  Any other relevant document

B. The poster PDF file

third. The project video (if any)

All files should be saved under a name consisting of the last two digits of the project number and the academic year. For example: Project No. 1082 will be saved as: 82-2015.pdf

2. Return to Mandi Haner any equipment that was borrowed from the department for the purpose of carrying out the project.

After uploading all the relevant files and returning the equipment, you must fill out the computerized form.

If the student does not confirm the completion of his duties to the Information Systems Engineering Department, this may cause a delay in receiving the certificate of eligibility for the degree.

In this circular, we have tried to give you information that relates to most of the questions that arise near the completion of a degree. For additional questions, you can contact the student affairs coordinator of our department, also via email and/or by phone.​​