Academic management

head of the department
Prof. Ariel Felner

Deputy head of the department
Prof. Meir Kalech​
Department representative on the Faculty Appointments Committee
Prof. Yuval Shahar
Acting in the Supreme Appointments Committee
Prof. Ariel Felner​
​Vice Dean for Research Affairs
Prof. Bracha Shapira

​Chairman of the Ethical Committee for Experiments with Human Participation
Prof. Noam Tractinsky

Head of the Cyber Center​
Prof. Yuval Elovici​​

​Head of the Data Science Center
Prof. Aryeh Kontorovich

​Cyber Summer School Center
Prof. Asaf Shabtai

​Library and Publications Center
Dr. Assaf Zaritsky​

The center of the website
Dr. Yisroel Mirsky

Laboratory and computer center
Prof. Lior Rokach​

Contact with industry
Dr. Oren Tsur

Accompanying lecturer for service courses​
Dr. Isana Veksler-Lublinsky​​​


​​Head of the information systems engineering program
Prof. Arnon Sturm

Chairman of the undergraduate teaching committee
Prof. Arnon Sturm
Member of the teaching committee​​
Dr. Noam Barda
fourth year project coordinator​
Dr. Michael Fire​​
​Outstanding program managers​
Dr. Nir Grinberg

Master's degree

Master's Degree Cyber Program Center
Prof. Asaf Shabtai​

Computational learning program center
Prof. Mark Last​
​Artificial Intelligence Program Center
Prof. Kobi Gal​
Chairman of the Mitar program
Dr. Achiya Elyasaf
Master's Degree Teaching Committee
Prof. Rami Puzis, Dr. Michael Fire, Dr. Nadav Rappoport

PhD committee​​​
Prof. Ariel Felner, Prof. Noam Tractinsky, Prof. Bracha Shapira

Data Science Departmental Seminar Center
Dr. Gilad Katz, Dr. Isana Veksler-Lublinsky​​​

Departmental Cyber and Artificial Intelligence Seminar Center​
Dr. Yisroel Mirsky​, Dr. Mordehai Guri

​Scholarship Committee
Dr. Oren Tsur

Additional roles​

Appointments Committee
Prof. Ariel Felner (Chairman), Prof. Mark Last, Prof. Yuval Elovici​; Prof. Bracha Shapira, Prof. Yuval Shahar, Prof. Lior Rokach, Prof. Guy Shani.​​
Program committee
Prof. Yuval Shahar (Chairman), Prof. Kobi Gal (Chairman), Prof. Arnon Sturm, Prof. Mark Last, Dr. Oren Tzur, Prof. Lior Rokach; Dr. Nadav Rappoport​